Thursday, April 12, 2007

NAFTA and SPP - None dare call it TREASON!

Americans owe thanks to Dymphna of the Gates of Vienna for her excellent and direct post on the SPP Superhighway, the undermining of our nation that is being carried out against us by the very people whom we elect and by people "hired and appointed" by them to destroy our nation. Carve it up like a nice, old Winter Solstice Turkey! Dymphna didn't call it "treason" but maybe we better take a look at that. Based on this "economic" agreement between three men on holiday in Mexico, we get to bend over and take it in the rear as our leaders and their minions "stick it to us" - most likely without a condom - as they divide our nation and figuratively burn our Constitution. We don't need an external enemy. Good gawd a'mighty! We're tripping all over them right here at home and we're paying their salaries. Where are the Teamsters and Longshoremen? Doesn't look like you folks will be off-loading any cargo containers on the West Coast. And, by the way, what was all the flap about the Dubai Port Deal anyway? Hitler and Hirohito would be proud. They could only have dreamed of the destruction of the United States of America that is being carried out right here, right now. And, by the way, thanks Jimmy for selling the Panama Canal. You may not go down as the worst president yet. There is still time for you to be redeemed. Some have called our President Bush a Liberal, perhaps an Internationalist is becoming more apt. Lord, it hurts me to face that possibility or dawning fact. Hurts my heart! Hmmm, could Iraq and Afghanistan really just be a diversion - oh, maybe not at first - but now when the rape is taking place right here? Yes, this entire NAFTA, CAFTA, SPP thing frosts me and makes me ill. How many farms, homes, towns will be condemned by the roadway paved by the Supreme Court in their infamous Kelo vs New London, Connecticut ruling? We have now lost the right to private anything, much less property. With that ruling, American's lost their last freedom that made them Americans. What defense do we have against such power aligned against us? From Yes, Virginia, There is an American Union Waiting in the Wings...:
What is to come is toll roads, incredible costs (borne by foreign investors and the American taxpayer), and the soul-deadening loss of identity. All done in the name of economic efficiency. This is the devil’s spawn; and Bush is hand-feeding it.
Read, do the research, just start with SPP for a search and you'll find it all from there. No wonder there is no concern about the illegal aliens - unlike American citizens - they have it over on us because they are already citizens of the North American Union. Read the post at the Gates of Vienna; first weep for your nation; and then help the Minutemen. Thank you, Dymphna... I know your's was a painful post to write.


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