Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech - Allow Concealed Weapons on Campus

Virginia is a commonwealth which allows people to have concealed weapons permits and with a permit to carry concealed guns just about every place except Court Houses, bars, and apparently some campuses. I learned just now on the news that allowing people to carry concealed weapons (which they can do legally in Virginia with background checks and application to a judge) on campuses is up to the Board of Directors on the respective campuses throughout the Commonwealth. VPI (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) in Blacksburg, Virginia also has a Corps of Cadets, all no doubt with a degree of weapons training. Without knowing the facts in the case - which I doubt we will ever know thoroughly if the facts do not fit the current PC protocols - I would support students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus and in the classrooms. Gunmen do not go on rampages if they think they will meet armed resistance. The town of Orlando, Florida was experiencing many violent acts of rape, muggings, etc against women. The city offered handgun training - on the first day of class approximately 6,000 women showed up for training. The city police offered many classes for the women, publicized how many women were receiving the training, and the attacks went down dramatically - to the tune of a drop of 70%. Why? Bullies will not attack people who may be able to defend themselves. Bullies attack people they know to be defenseless. So, concealed weapons are permited in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We do not need "tighter" laws regarding gun control. We need more law-abiding citizens exercising their rights to carry concealed weapons. When law-abiding citizens are defenseless, they become easy targets. We have the means to defend ourselves and we need to exercise that right given to us in the Second Amendment. Now, to the murderer at Virginia Tech who has been identified as a young Asian male. I would like to speak in defense of young Asian males who may be here in our universities on H-1B student visas. Asian men from the Far East - Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea - are men under pressure for academic excellence. It has been my experience that these men feel the "loss of face" most deeply. So, from my experience, in the cases with which I am familiar, an Asian student who is under pressure and who may - in his mind and based on his tradition - have "failed" his family will take his own life but he will not go on a rampage, chain-lock doors, and shoot down fellow students in a classroom/lecture room. In my experience, young Asian men who may have failed their perception of their family's expectations will take their own life; they will not further bring shame upon their family by killing innocent students essentially held hostage in a classroom. As the story unfolds, I await to see what the officals tells us, especially in light of the two recent bomb threats (April 2 and April 13) at Virginia Tech. Yes, a tragedy; yes, our love and compassion as well as prayer for the families who are grieving tonight for students and faculty killed in the classroom. But I ask you, what would have happened had just one of the students or faculty had a concealed weapon? Like the passengers on Flight 93, if we learn nothing else, we need to learn that we need more armed law-abiding citizens, not fewer! What would have happened had the killer known that he might have come up against armed students? Just speculation but perhaps worth discussion and consideration. I wait to see what the officials will tell us. But fight to keep your gun rights! Fight to keep your weapons! In the NRA, we say that to get our guns, the Left works to "legislate, regulate, and confiscate"! Banning guns won't stop the killing that occurred today! Letting a "terrorist" (as defined by his actions) act without fear of even meeting a legally armed student or faculty member is to open our students and citizens to this kind of terror. [This is terrorism by definition.] How culpable are we when we leave our citizens defenseless? The officials at Virginia Tech could allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry on campus. Perhaps they should re-think their banning of legally licensed concealed weapons carry folks. And print it in big, bold letters in student papers, etc. Let every prospective "murderer" know - at Tech licensed folks - with a letter of approval from the administration of Tech - can carry! [I hear now that the Asian man was Chinese (?) and acted alone. Well, of course...] Let's see how the investigation shakes out - I would speculate that if this student acted alone, then it would seem that he had to pre-stage the chains used to bolt the doors. Now, there will be screams for surveillance cameras. I say not. As an aside, several years ago, I went to a local high school with the thought of perhaps teaching there. I spoke with a lady in the office - reporting that I was on the school campus as required. I asked how the discipline was at the high school. [A young man had killed another young man several years before with a kitchen knife he brought from home. A boy friend-girl friend-boy friend issue.] The lady's response, "Discipline has improved so much now that we have surveillance cameras in the restrooms." Yippee! That made me feel better. For the parents and loved ones of those students and professors murdered today, across America prayers go out to you. We stand by you. I believe that defense is the best offense and, defend ouselves and our students we must. When are we going to get "mad"? When are we going to defend ourselves? When are we going to allow our laws to work for us in our defense? The talking heads are pathetic - get angry, Americans, say ENOUGH! Just one legally armed person in that classroom could have made all the difference! Just the possibility that someone could have been armed in that classroom could have prevented this slaughter! Cowards will not attack armed citizens! Rabid skunks like rabid dogs must be shot - common sense dictates that we come to our senses! I'm hearing Geraldo Rivera now pontificating about the campus running red with blood. When is he going to be taken off the air? Doesn't he know that many of the young men killed today are young Southern men, the ones he so recently disparaged as "Bubba" in the recent killing of two young teenage girls by a drunk driving illegal alien in Virginia Beach. In that, he said that the issue would not even make the news if the murderer's name had been "Bubba" instead of Alfredo Ramos! Good gawd a'mighty! To me, his presense there is an insult to that campus. I can speak to this having spent years in the region during undergraduate school and later. I have sorrow for the families, but, damnit, Americans are not VICTIMS! Americans are fighters! So, again, fight for your rights! And, perhaps, we should not be too fast to point fingers at the Virginia Tech Administration. As my Left Coast operative tells me, the killer's web site indicates that he practiced shooting at Quantico? Go figure! More to learn, indeed.


Anonymous Renn said...

Why should we not point fingers at the bureaucrats who decided they were above the law?

So what if the killer trained at quantico? While I will admit that if it was a SINGLE armed student or professor the force equation might have been in the killer's favor. However, with concealed carry the killer would not have known which of his intended were armed.

That uncertainty is a force multiplier all its own. If you doubt me then you should ask a Vietnam Vet.

OTOH, the vilification of firearms has made firearms into magic wands in the hands of criminals.

4:08 AM  
Blogger Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Very good point. Idiots tend to not confront the armed.

5:33 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Renn, I do not doubt you at all. Fear of the unknown has stopped many criminals - a town in Georgia several years ago required by law that every houshold in the town had to have a shotgun/gun in the home. Crime dropped like a rock.

In this case, as more information comes to light, I think we could also lump our State Department into the mix of folks to "blame" - a foreign national, South Korean, here on a resident visa, a student - mercy - the only thing the killer didn't have going for him as of yet was that he wasn't an illegal alien - according to a letter to the editor in the Washington Times today (April 17, 2007) illegals murder 12 American daily in addition to the 13 more they kill in drunk driving incidents. By my count, that is approximately 9,125 Americans killed annually by illegal aliens - deaths of Americans aided and abetted by our very own government. When it comes to slaughters, the killings at Virginia Tech - as horrible as they are - are isolated cases in the face of the daily carnage Americans are subjected to by our own governments refusal to secure our borders - our government's answer - build a superhighway and document the illegals. Makes me sick!

12:09 PM  

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