Saturday, November 25, 2006

Stop the Islamic Theocratic take-over of the West

Let's get the name calling over with right away - call me a "racist", a "bigot", an Islamophobe - whatever you like. Now, let's get down to business. First things first: if you have a post that you have written for your blog that follows the theme of Western nations saying, "Enough is enough!" and you'd like, please leave the url in comments here. Don't link; I'll do that as I add your post to what I hope will become a good reading list for interested visitors to this blog. The threat of Islamic Theocratic Imperialsim is real. Look at a world map. See the nations that have already fallen to Islam's march; look at the nations wih Christian or Buddhist majorities who now have "minority" status within what were formerly their own nations. Look at a nation like Russia on target to become an Islamic Republic by mid-century. Why? Because of the unchecked legal and illegal invasion/immigration from Russia's satellite "nations" that formed part of the former USSR. France is an Islamic Republic in all but name only. Why? Because Muslims in France as elsewhere have no desire to assimilate into the culture of the "host" country. Speaking of "host" - that is the term used when a disease, parasite, virus, etc. invades the body and feeds off of the host until the host is killed. In France, generally speaking, the Muslims, in accordance with Koranic law of not adjusting/assimilating within the nation "targeted" for take-over, live in closed communities; do not assimilate, do not work, do not contribute other than fire-bombing cars, attacking the school busses of Jewish children, attacking police, and on it goes. In turn, the French government - the winner of the lifetime Academy Award's achievement award as the Appeasers Extraordinaire Award - increases the subsidies and makes conciliations. In other words, the French government pays its "dhimmitude" tax - a tax that proves to the Muslims that they are superior to the foolish French elite; that non-Muslims willingly become dhimmis within their own nation. Some measures to be taken immediately to stop the spread of the take-over of Western nations by Islamic Theocratic Imperialism: 1) end the policy of issuing visas to Islamists and to Saudi students "sent to US" to study engineering, nuclear physics, etc. 2) close down all organizations such as CAIR whose goal is to use US Constitutional Law to undermine our democratic republic and replace it bit-by-bit with Shari'a 3) close down all mosques where hatred and anti-Americanism is taught 4) close down all Wahhabi madrassas operating within the United States of America 5) teach and impress upon American citizens that Islam is a theocracy which includes a religious arm, a political arm, and a military arm - all geared for world domination and the over-throw of legitimate governments 6) deport all imams preaching hatred and anti-Americanism as well as jihad within mosques 7) deport all Muslims who have over-stayed their visas 8) deport ALL Muslims who are here illegally based upon their infiltration into our nation by violating our immigration laws, ie, those crossing our borders with Mexico and with Canada 9) outlaw the wearing of the veil and the burka 10) end all "out-reach" programs within our prisons lead by imams to recruit converts to the Islamist jihadist cause 11) close all isolated Islamic communities established such as the one set up within Virginia 12) initiate a moritorium on all immigration of Muslims into Western nations. Islam must under-go major reform before it will be able to exist as a "religion supporting the ideal of the separation of church and state" with non-Muslim neighbors. That fault resides within the laws of the Koran, the dictates of the ayatollahs, and the battle is within Islam. Those in power will not give up their totalitarian control easily. Muslims who want to co-exist with non-Muslim neighbors have their work cut out for them. But these measures go against the Constitution, you say. These activities and organizations have as their goal, the over-throw of our government. We have laws to deal with subversion and treason; let's get to it. If you know of any blogs or websites not already on my list of blogs, that are working to show the hypocracy and the attachments between terrorists organizations, foreign governments, and seemingly innocuous organizations within the US or your nation set to estabish Shari'a and the eventual overthrow of your nation, please leave me comments to that effect. If you have a post you would like listed in my subsequent post, please leave here in comments or in comments of Islamists' busy little helpers. Thank you. Stay safe...


Blogger lilfeathers2000 said...

Why is it if you tell the truth you are called names and said to hate.
The devil is always in the details when the name callers start.

11:03 AM  
Blogger james higham said...

Manifesto for the new reality, Beach girl.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I have another one I'll be linking soon done by someone else. Many of us seem to be thinking the same things.

8:20 PM  

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