Saturday, November 25, 2006

Islamists' busy little helpers

The reading list of posts is designed to inform and increase our awareness of the threat of Islamic Theocratic Imperialism whose stated goal is the overthrow of Western nations and to bring about the dhimmification of the citizenry. We are already paying "dhimmi" taxes in the form of money extorted from Western nations by nations sponsoring terrorist groups to immunize them from jihadist attacks. How's that working? The posts were entered at the blogs listed below: From Hidden Dragon: Muslim Brotherhood, The Project Posted by Pim's Ghost at What would Charles Martel do?: Why is Tampa's Station Fox 13 Marching for CAIR If you would like to have one of your posts added, please just provide the url in the comments and I'll link it in this list. These posts would be ones that you believe others need to read in order to become more informed of the reality of the threat to the liberties and freedoms of the citizens, not only of Western nations, but of the world.


Anonymous Renn said...

Beach Girl,

If I recall correctly, we have been paying these taxes in one form or another since prior to the birth of our Nation. Were we not charged some sort of protection money by the Barbary Coast Pirates to leave our shipping, and more importantly, our sailors alone? If I remember correctly, both our Navy and Marine Corps were created to battle the islamists of the day. Please refer to the Marine Corp Hymn "From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli..." Mexico to the Middle East.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

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4:28 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams met with the ambassador from Tripoli dealing with the pirate issue. They were told that the pirates had the right to enslave and kill our sailors according to the will of Allah.

We are dealing with adolescent behavior and every payment we make - then as now - equals weakness, rewarding bad behavior. The islamists recognize only force.

What are we doing up so late? Have been reading Islam and Dhimmitude by Bat Ye'or. Really good and re-inforcing that all non-Muslims in Muslim nations have been in servitude for centuries - then and now. You've probably read the book, if not, maybe you'd like to read it. I can't keep all of the facts together - it is replete with history.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous renn said...

Beach Girl,
First of all, remember the common wisdom, well it used to be common wisdom, 'once you pay the danegeld you never get rid of the dane'.

Actually no I haven't yet. My studies have tended to concentrate on the British Isles. However, having attended a Jesuit school I do have a solid grounding in Catholic church history including the Crusades, the causes leading to them and the consequences of living under Muslim rule. Sadly there is a tie in between dhimmification and the experiences of catholic Irish under the rule of England. Bans on teaching and practicing ones religion, inability to own property, etc...

Oh, and obviously I have a moderate grasp of American history.

BTW I am planning on taking your advice, and will pick up a copy in the near future.

On a final side note, curent events are helping me to understand why the Inquisition, especially the Spanish Inquisition came into existence. Remember this all happened in the wake of Europeans finally kicking the Muslims out of Europe, including the Iberian peninsula, in the late middle ages. In fact, the finality of the 'Reconquista' is what led to the Spanish betting on Chris Columbus and his wacked out theory.

Yes, the Inquisition caught a lot of innocents and was a very not good thing. However, history is replete with that type of backlash that inadvertantly catches up innocents, collateral damage, in todays vernacular.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Great comments. Virginia had the first Navy, before the Tripoli incidents - as I recall. They are the ones who captured Black Beard - Capt. Teach.

You may find "Because they hate" to be of interest. It is by Brigitte Gabriel - She is Lebanese Christian who has quite a story to tell. She has been working hard at telling it for some years now.

Must go an read now. [If you get around to the books, start from the back. Last chapter first. Doesn't ruin the impact.]

9:16 PM  

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