Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I was over at the Gates of Vienna today and read an excellent post by Fjordman, Caucasophobia... The subject is too rich and has so many opportunities for dialogue that I decided to mention it here. WASP, of course, stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, an acronym thought up by the liberal Left (sorry for the redundancy) to be disparaging to white folks; to make ya feel ashamed, very ashamed; and to shut ya up. Well, WASC (for White Anglo-Saxon Catholic) doesn't have the same ring to it. And a bunch of the Libs are CINOs (Catholic in name only). But it didn't work. We weren't ashamed and we wouldn't shut up. So, now the Left devolves to the dialogue stopper of all time - ooh! - racist. Well, that will do it. And has. Let a white person say anything that "the other side" decides is racist or insenstitive and wham-oh, racist... Dialogue stops which is what is intended. Remember when an American-Indian school decided to name their team the "Mighty Whities" and sell T-shirts with "Mighty Whitie" on them? Folks heard about it on Limbaugh's show and shut the kids server down. In protest? In anger? Hell, no. We wanted to buy the T-shirts. Anyway... I looked up phobia today - "an irrational persistent fear or dread." I'm not so sure the Islamists have "an irrational persistent fear or dread" of the "white" race. I think they just want to kill us, to overthrow our way of life, and to put the remaining WASPs/WASCs into servitude (aka - slavery). The illegal immigrants (the Mexicans among them) probably can't believe their luck and are heading north to take advantage of our stupidity as long as they can until they get to vote en masse and kick the legislative folks with last names like Smith and Jones out on their behinds. I would think that would also go for folks named Boxer, Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi, et al, and maybe Maxine, as in Waters. Best think about it, boys and girls. You keep acting so anti-American and slamming our country on al Jazeera like you do and you too could be out on your ear. Well, actually you will be. While I'm on it, I don't think Islamophobia is quite correct although it has a catchy ring to it. Being smart and taking the hate-filled imams at their word is not "an irrational persistent fear or dread." It's smart. The key word here is "irrational". When faced with the annihilation of your culture, there is nothing "irrational" about defending your culture and your way of life. The threat is here; it is real; and it isn't going away. One further comment on American Alone by Mark Steyn. He cleared up for me why the Spanish (as in Spaniards in Spain) gave in to the Islamist threats. The Spaniards have a birthrate of 1.1, considered a dieing nation. They don't seem to have anything to protect. We do. Maybe the word should be "WASPicide" which seems to be what a lot of folks want. The Islamists, the non-white racists, just want the white race to go away so they can duke it out over our dead bodies. Well, okay, but there goes the tax base.


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