Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Young White Americans brainwashed into self-loathing?

The following is a quotation from Dr.D at one of my recent posts - Merry Christmas and Happy Savings New Year! I'd like to hear from some folks who are in the age range of 20 to 30ish. Do you concur with Dr. D's assessment?
We have many young, white Americans who think that the honorable thing to do is not to have children for the sake of the world. They have this sick notion that they are "reducing their carbon footprint" by so doing, and thereby helping Mother Earth. They make no connection with the fact that third world people are reproducing like rabbits; it just does not enter into their "thinking" at all (I put "thinking" in quotes because I'm not sure it is really thought). Just last night elsewhere I was reading about several young white women and men who were having themselves sterilized to assure that they would not reproduce. This is permanent, which is exactly their intent. Of course, the "side benefit" is that it opens the door to promiscuity all the way! Our young people are bent on our destruction because they have been brain washed into thinking white people are evil. This is the triumph of the Left. Hang on tight to your shirt and your shoes. The government is going to try to take them all.
Are young white (non-Hispanic white) Americans ashamed of their heritage? Our next president is 50% white, after his training/education in Indonesia, he has received the very best and most elitist education anyone of any ethnicity could receive in America. Are young white Americans ashamed of their heritage? Also, because I am curious - from the younger group mentioned above - does anyone know how much money Al Gore is making off of the "global warming" / "carbon footprint" boondoggle? Look at the United States of America on a world map and then think of China firing up x-number of coal burning plants a week. When I lived in Japan for four years, China would experience "red" dust storms. I suppose from the Gobi desert, not positive. We would have red dust on our cars and all over everything for weeks when these storms occurred in China. Does anyone with at least two brain cells firing really believe that the United States is responsible for all of the woes of the world? If the answer is 'yes', not to worry, you may learn differently in the times to come. Are young white Americans brainwashed into self-loathing? I don't see it in those around me so I'd like to hear from them.


Blogger Dr.D said...

BG, here is a link to the article I saw that I mentioned:


7:41 PM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

So, what did you hear on this, BG? Did anybody bite?

1:52 PM  

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