Monday, December 18, 2006

Holy War - keeping Jihad in Iraq

Well, everyone is chattering about a "civil war" breaking out in Iraq. Too late and wrong. Sunnis supported by Saudi are duking it out with Iranian-backed Shi'ites. It is a "religious/sectarian" war, a "holy war" with Muslims against Muslims. As Diana West suggests and others have as well, let's let them fight it out. Iran is following the playbook they have been using with success in Lebanon with the help of their military arm, Hezbollah. I recommend we find a few generals such as General Schoomaker as quoted today in the Washington Times cartoon by Garner, with flag on his shoulder and his hand thrust forward, the cartoon has the general saying, "I believe in cut and run... Cut the bull *&%$# and run over the enemy!.." We know the enemy of Western nations. Lord knows they shout it out loud enough. [As an aside, I really am sad to see France go but it looks like France is gone and will soon become the Islamic Republic of France. I'm sad about that for several reasons: one, France supported the US in our revolution; two, I'll be sad to see the Louvre and much of the incomparable art representing much of the history and heritage of Western Civilization destroyed; and third, I'll be sad to see Notre Dame become a mosque.] Now, my suggestion - let's have a bit of humor in a somewhat complicated situation - is that we gear up our military troops; move them to the forward operating bases; stock them with all the weapons they need and plenty of good food and cold beer. Bring in a supply of lawn chairs and umbrellas so our troops can watch as the Sunnis and the Shi'ites duke it out then we go in and mop up what's left. I know this means civilian deaths but that is occurring now and Sunnis and Shi'ites are killing each other - so much for Islam being a unified "religion". Maybe a reformation is going on. I am no expert on the Middle East but I do know we cannot allow Islamic extremists into the United States and Western Nations; and we need to deport all extremists that are here now. We cannot allow one slight change in our laws that would infringe upon our freedoms and that includes HR 288, designed to give special status to Islam and to end freedom of speech. Nor can we allow accommodations to Islam in our schools - no prayer rooms, no teaching of Islam in our public schools or through our textbooks bought with public tax payer dollars and adopted by public school employees. If we adhere to the separation of church and state - as has been shouted at Christians for decades now - it hardly seems appropriate to have folks who practice Islam being given special treatment when we can't even have a nativity scene at a firehouse for "fear" of offending someone some place. But back to Iraq... My father was a very wise man. He was a young man during World War II. He was really ticked that Berlin had been partitioned. He told me when I was actually studying American History in the public schools that we should have let the Russians wipe out the Nazis and then we should have gone in and mopped up. In retrospect and from the distance of time, my father was a very bright and knowing man. What would he say on Iraq? Well, we're there so get the job done. If / when Saddam is executed (not holding my breath on that one), then see what happens. We made many mistakes in Iraq but going in was not one of them. Probably holding on the George Tenet in the CIA far longer than we should have was one mistake. Keeping the partisans in Foggy Bottom was probably another - I think some early retirement buy-out packages would have helped our foreign policy and by extension, our efforts in Iraq. Stay in Iraq. Our troops are volunteers and many have pulled three tours in Iraq. They must see a reason to be there. At the very least, we owe them our loyalty and our dedication. Let's keep the jihad in Iraq. Let's stop the spread of Islamic Imperialism. Let's call it what it is - a war declared by Islamic leaders against the rest of the world. Right now they are fighting each other. We should not be arrogant enough to think we could stop hatreds that are centuries old and don't have anything to do with Europe, America, or Israel for that matter. Frankly, we need to step aside... Stay in theatre but step aside...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try telling this to the lefties. They're closed-minded, period.

"...we need to deport all extremists that are here now."

Liberal answer - You're being a xenophobe.

CAIR's answer - You're being an Islamophobe.

My answer - Roll out the trains. Can I be the engineer?

12:02 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

You're hired...

Merry Christmas... using Infiltration for some posts. thank you for memtioning the book to me. Sperry has done a great job.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, great. Did you get it? It's a fantastic book. Amazing, isn't it, that the Wahhabi corridor exists in our own state!

PS - having some difficulties getting comments loaded on your site again.

10:52 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I have to sometimes press publish twice myself. Keep trying - I enjoy your comments.

Thank you - Merry Christmas to you and your family.

3:34 PM  

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