Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Iraq - tossed out like the carcass of a carved-up Christmas turkey?

Does the Iraq Study Group (ISG) Report really set the stage for Iraq to be carved up like a Christmas turkey by December 2007 or sooner and thrown out onto history's trash pile of "woulda been, shoulda been, coulda been" fledgling republics? And why exactly do the Afghanis seem to be doing better at this new government thing? A few incidents are occurring on the diplomatic front regarding the Middle East: read here at Tigerhawk's blog and also Stepping into Iraq, Saudi Arabia will protect Sunnis if the U.S. leaves. This last is from the Washington Post, Saudi Arabia will protect Sunnis if the U.S. leaves. If you have difficulty with the link, you can find the article linked at the referenced Tigerhawk post. As you know by now, Prince Turki al-Faisal has just resigned his post as Saudi's ambassador to the United States. So, what's the shake-up? Prince Turki resigning, leading to what.... The impact that the now infamous and motive-questionable Iraq Study Group (ISG) Report has had in the Middle East is akin to the ill-conceived McCain, et al, Immigration Bill of 2006 which resonated throughout the world, "come a runnin'; US immigration laws shredded; amnesty, medical care, SSI for all. Can't walk here? No worries. Just get one family member here and the rest can just fly in." That abomination rewarding law-breakers, certain to be passed, has sent everyone who can get here streaming into our nation - defecating, littering, and trashing our national parks, rivers and streams along the way. The ISG Report - a sheer masterpiece of cowardice - has sent the Middle Eastern nations into a similar mode of disarray. If we allow what could potentially happen based upon the implementation of any of the recommendations in that worthless report, I hope the perpetrators of that heinous fraud including the congressional leadership who instituted the group go mad - as in stark, raving - as did Lady MacBeth trying to wash the blood of innocent Iraqis from their thin-skinned hands. In my view, Middle Eastern nations that border Iraq, except perhaps for Jordan and Kuwait, are sharpening their carving knives. One woman's opinion here. Saudi Arabia says it will go into Iraq and defend the Sunnis. Iran certainly will give its lap-poodle Syria a few square miles of northwestern Iraq. Maybe the Kurds can hold their own but maybe not. Saudi Arabia is to the southwest and Iran shares a very long eastern border with Iraq. So, on the west we have the Wahabbi Saudi government going in to protect the Sunnis; and on the east, Iran certainly going in to protect the Shiites (sp). As a result, chaos may break out in the Middle East as two powerful nations controlled by opposing sects of Islam prepare to duke it out for dominance. Turkey may get into the fray to take on the Kurds. And the disgusting refrain parroted from the ISG report as the excuse bellowed by all will be "the Israelis made us do it." Not a pretty picture. Thank you, Jimmy, Lee, and the rest of the gang. They were bi-partisan? Maybe bi-polar would be a more apt description. [My apologies to the folks who are bi-polar.] And if we leave Iraq to its fate as proposed by the ISG, what of America's honor? What a fine kettle of fish ya've boiled up for us, Jim, Lee and the men in gray suits. 'Tis a fine kettle of fish. Hopefully, President George W. Bush is made of sterner stuff and will thank you for your work and simply deep-six the report. Changing the topic a bit here but following the same thread on "What's happening in the Middle East..... The concept that Islam needs a "reformation" has been bandied about as a solution to the active march of Islamic Imperialism toward world dominance and that notion appears to be true. If one looks back at history - and I may get a few "facts" wrong here by a century or a millennia or so - one could posit that the Qur'an and the resulting "religion" of Islam as well as the resulting geo-political conquests is a composite - although strident and harsh with no mercy given to the infidels - of the 600+ laws set down in Leviticus for the Jews to follow for every act of everyday living and somewhat modeled on the Catholic Church of the 1200 - 1500s or so when the Roman Catholic Church had its warriors and bankers, the Knights Templar; its religious arm - the priests, the bishops, et al; and its political arm under the kings of the Holy Roman Empire not to mention the antics of the Borgia Pope marrying off his daughter and annulling the marriages when the politics shifted. No offense meant here to the Jewish folks, the Catholic folks, or the not-true-believers-of-Islam folks who don't want to kill we infidels - just the parallels of ages past seem relevant today falling under the category of "nothing new under the sun." The Reformation - warts and all - at least cut through the theft by the church leadership of the money twisted from the hands of the poor to pay for the "indulgences" to get a loved one out of purgatory, etc. You know the rest. In the United States today, the Saudis are funding the building of Wahabbi schools and mosques all over the place. The Islamic beachheads are being established. Other sects of Islam are grasping and slaughtering for power and dominance in Sudan, Thailand, Indonesia, and other territories. And we know our government (for over 40 years), wittingly or unwittingly, has allowed, by various means - an open border comes to mind - Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda as well as a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood into the nation. Feeling warm and fuzzy yet? Nations built on the principles of democrat republicanism with freedom and liberty as the model are targetted and then reports pop out into the world such as the ISG to help the Islamists along. With friends like the ISG, neither the United States nor Iraq need enemies. With friends or at least apologists of the Islamists within in the MSM, within the Democrat Party, within the Middle Eastern nations with their carving knives sharpened, what the heck would we do with avowed enemies? Oh, I know - we'd sit down and chat with them and offer them deals to be nice! The deals are known in the Islamic world as dhimmitude - considered just payment from the infidels for the cost of being allowed to live a few days longer. And the deals are seen for what they are: weakness. Rather like the various (fill in the blanks here for yourself) extortionist groups' view of a bribe...


Blogger Voltaire said...

Very powerful and nicely written. Ah, if only 10% of our male elected officials had the kind of intellectual cuilles you have.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to read it. I appreciate your time.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Entebbe said...

Totally agree. Nicely written. In fact all of your posts are good. I'm trying to get the word out on this blog.
I rated your blog "real red" for conservatives on Politmus.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you - how do I find Politmus.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Matt S. said...

Oh. Very stupid of me.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thanks, I found it.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Re: "Islamic beachheads are being established. "

The beachhead in my neck of the woods is very disconcerting. The funding must be good since there exists one major masjid here. They enjoy big buck improvements every year. It's a modern structure (less than a decade old), with a nice playground up on a hill. Their parking lot was expanded despite the fact that the old lot was never more than half full.

Currently the minaret is covered in scaffolding - for unknown improvement.

Compare that with local congregations established over a century ago. Memberships appear to be growing (lack of parking) but the structures are overburdoned, not expanding to meet demand and obviously not well funded despite visible growth.

It doesn't matter whether the congregation is Christian or Jewish.

The disparity in funding of muhammedan vs. other is alarming.

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Daniel Morgan said...

As futile as it may be lately to try to just leave a point to consider, which disagrees sharply with the post written above, I must try:

In the end, the Iraqis must be willing to shoulder the responsibility for "nation building". We're past the point where shooting people matters. If the Iraqis choose nation over tribe, society over sect, then Iraq will be a success. If they do not, then it will be a failure.

It is their choice, and not our own. The most interesting part of the ISG (to me) was the way they pointed at the "spin" on the statistics and polls regarding casualties and attacks, as well as popular opinion. I'm afraid it's too late to unring the bell.

Three strategies:
i) cut our losses to a bare minimum and begin a phased pullout
ii) continue the current "plan"
iii) increase troops and increase pressure...

The problem with the last two is -- "When will we ever know we've done all we can?" At what point do we say, "Look, we've been here longer than we were in WW2, and it's time for us to go, it's your country and you'll either fight for it or lose it"?

You must admit the possibility that we can't MAKE them win this thing. And so if that's a possibility, when does it cross over to a probability? To an inevitability?

There will always be persons like yourself who will say, "If only we'd stayed a little longer, put in a few more troops..."

But it won't matter. It's already lost.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Found your blog, Daniel. Interesting. Thanks for your comments.

11:39 AM  
Blogger james higham said...

Yes, there's little doubt that the vultures are hovering over Iraq. They have no chance of standing on their own feet.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

James, looking at it, we know that Iraq was a "manufactured" place - maybe Saudi should claim the Sunnis and Iran the Shi'ites, leaving the Kurds with their own nation. Really a difficult situation.

8:28 AM  

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