Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Obama gives credibility to Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists

Below, you will find several items for reading that cast interesting light on Obama's decision to speak in Egypt.  The reading is worth your time as it provided more appreciation for the determination of the Islamists for world domination.  Other issues are raised.  I hope you will find these links of value.
From the Asia Times:  Wrong Venue for Obama's Muslim Speech by Spengler.  This one is worth printing and saving for reading and thinking about what is written.
Here is one point to ponder:

[...]  To speak to the “Muslim world,” is to speak not to a fact, but rather to an aspiration, and that is the aspiration that Islam shall be a global state religion as its founders intended. To address this aspiration is to breath life into it. For an American President to validate such an aspiration is madness.....David P.Goldman (aka Spengler)

From Atlas Shrugs:  Grandma Obama:  Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

From Pamela at Atlas Shrugs:  Kenya: Obama's violent Islamist Ally, Odinga, goes to Iran.  Pamela asks a good question:  

An axis of evil. Obama's corrupt pal, Raila Odinga of Kenya, is winging over to Iran while members of his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) are meeting with leaders in Southern Sudan. This bears watching. He is aligning with the most malevolent forces of power in the world. Does Obama cozy up to any good people?

Looks like the answer is NO.  Can anyone say Hugo?

Suggested by Pamela:  This is elevated discourse?

More later after a bit of research....


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