Monday, May 11, 2009

Tristan Yates: The End of Collectivism

I am writing a post that touches on "Collectivism" but the article by Tristan Yates over at Pajamas Media is one that deserves your attention:  The End of Collectivism.  Please read Yates' good post.
The article is good on many levels.  An interesting point is that some of the avenues Obama had available to him in the event that we sustained a massive Islamic terrorist attack on our soil are no longer available.  
No, I do not subscribe to "torture" which I define, among other methods, as ramming wooden match sticks under POWs fingernails and then lighting the matches.  Using an enemy combatant's phobias against him such as catapillars and ladybugs and using water boarding that our military personnel experience in training are nothing like the brutality used by the Japanese during WWII against our POWs.
Our military men sustained all sorts of brutality including beheadings;  so leave me alone on this one.  If American lives and communities are in danger and we have a high value target prisoner/Al Qaeda leader whom we suspect has good intel, then I say, "Save American lives."
Al Qaeda now knows with no doubt that the worst they will get at the hands of Obama's Administration is good health care, good food, and clean living conditions plus some tea and friendly chats from castigated interrogators who now sing soprano.
And the lowering of our defenses moves along at a steady pace.  See Director Blue:  Weakening America.  


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