Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CIA defends self

Finally, the CIA defends itself from the mind-numbed elected hypocrites in the US Congress - House and Senate. Good and keep going. It's about time someone stops the likes of San Fran Nan and her lies. Of course, you are working under the orders of President Obama. That should tell San Fran Nan that she is not especially his favorite person as Speaker. This smells like a tasty little power struggle with CIA caught in the middle. I live close to "the farm" and I'm glad you are there. Do what you need to do to keep us safe. Thank you for what you do to keep us safe. Neither you nor I can depend on the Democrats in power in the House or the Senate. There is only one Democrat in the Senate who makes sense to me and he is not a Northeast fat-cat liberal. Off-topic, but I'm glad the Senate Dems have diluted their combined IQ average by letting Arlen 'the magic bullet' Specter, who won his fame as an attorney with/for the Warren Court and defended the "one bullet" killed President J.F. Kennedy, into the Democrat side of the aisle.


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