Monday, September 08, 2008

Pro-choice means "choice"

Rest easy, ladies! You will have the ability to abort your unborn children no matter who is in the White House. It should be a "state's rights" issue and not a federal government issue but either way, you'll be able to make that choice. No one is going to take that choice away from you. But "pro-choice" means just that - CHOICE. One can choose abstinence; one can choose birth-control that prevents pregnancies; one can choose "abortion"; and one can choose life. But abortion is killing an unborn child, not aborting cells that may grow up to be a redwood tree. I cannot speak to the choices you have had to make in your life but I ask you if you would want your daughter to "kill/abort" your grandchild? Would you want a government worker to take your daughter to get an abortion and possibly hide the abuse of your daughter through rape, incest, and thereby let a child-molester go free? Have you read the research that shows that abortions may lead to complications later on in life? For you... A vote for McCain-Palin is a vote for choice. Palin has simply chosen life. We need a woman with executive experience a heart-beat away from the presidency. Nancy Pelosi - the mother of five, I believe - chose life for her children yet a conservative woman who has chosen life is somehow castigated by the oh-so liberal women who are not for "choice" but rather "death". Don't be fooled. You will maintain your "right" to have an abortion and sometimes that is the right choice - I believe as women, we need options especially in the cases of rape and incest. Being "pro-choice" does not have to mean "death". Our US Constitution says "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." That is for all of us. To me, a nation that kills its unborn with such a cavalier attitude is one step away from deciding when a person is "too old", "too handicapped", etc and therefore no longer "valuable" to the society-at-large. We cannot let that happen. We need to take this "abortion" issue more seriously and understand that life is a sacred thing; life to our unborn - the most helpless among us - is a sacred trust. We really don't need an administration that will look at our unborn as "punishment." We have gone a long way on that road of "pro-choice"; just remember that "choice" also means the right to choose "life" for that tiny unborn who has no one else but you to protect its chance at life. Thank you for your time today. I've been away for a few weeks. It has been difficult for me to "bounce back" from the loss of my young friend who took her life and left her twin girls alone, never to know their wonderful mother.


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