Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shariah Finance Watch and Stop Shariah Now - New Links

Please note that two new links have been added under - Vigilance - the Price of Freedom: Shariah Finance Watch and Stop Shariah Now. An e-mail address for newsletter updates is: Center for Security Policy It is vital to our national security and to our American way of life, essentially freedom, that we stay alert to the incremental encroachment of Shariah Law into our society. It is encumbment upon us to send e-mails to our Representatives at the state and federal level and to our respective Senators when such laws creep into our system of freedoms and democracy. Shariah Law is antitheical to our way of life and is just one spoke in the armament being used to undermine our representative democracy. The means are so innocuous as to seem unabtrusive and therefore can easily sneak up upon us and overwhelm us before we know it. I ask you to get involved and to go to these websites. Read, become informed so that you will recognize the encroachment when you see it and understand in no uncertain terms that you would not be afforded anything close to the same "rights" if you were trying to establish Western freedoms and cultural traditions into any Muslim/Islamic theocratic-dominated nations. The biggest scam the Devil pulled was to convince mankind he didn't exist. The biggest fraud Islamic Imperialism is pulling off is to convince gullible Westerners that Islam is a "religion", not a "cradle-to-grave" theocratic political ideology.


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