Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Liberal Supremes to Child Rapists: Go on, rape 'em! We got your back!

Well, we heard it today! In a 5 to 4 decision, the 5 LIBERAL Supremes over-ruled the laws in several of these United States and said that executing men who have "raped, tortured, and brutalized" our children cannot be executed. High Court outlaws executing child rapists Well, I say, "Let the Supremes enforce their ruling!" And we wonder why there is no respect for our government, for our Supreme Court which has a majority of 5, count them, FIVE people, 4 men and 1 women in black who have NO common sense at all. They turn war/terrorism into "crime" and open our criminal court system to enemy combatants who spit on their very robes and would gladly slit their throats and then these "wise" morons with degrees in law who defer to international law whenever they can, tell us that a man who tortures, brutalizes, and rapes his 8 year-old step daughter CANNOT be executed in accordance with the laws of Louisiana because his execution would be "cruel and unusual punishment." My God, how disgusting these "ayatollahs in black" are who sit so arrogantly and reign so tyrannically over us and negate the laws our legislatures pass. No wonder we are so near anarchy. No wonder such unrest is just below the surface of our law-abiding society. Illegals get more benefits than legal, law-abiding American citizens; child-rapists get to live off our taxes and have the chance of life at our expense while a young girl has to live with the pain and mental anguish of her ordeal for the rest of her life and even has to make her way on her own. And we are seriously considering giving a Democrat the White House and the keys to the Kingdom, the right to name at least two if not three new justices to the Supreme Court. We are really going to do that! Our Supreme Court has betrayed us on private property ownership in Kelo vs Conn. and now, the 5 liberals - an embarrassment by any measure - have betrayed our young children in favor of child-rapists. The sooner they leave the court the better but we cannot leave the naming of their replacements to the likes of Mr. Obama. He has proved by his associations that his judgements in friendships, while financially and politically expedient to meet his needs, will not bode well for us when it comes to him naming justices to the Supreme Court. Shame on these dispicable, sorry excuses as defenders of the U.S. Constitution. Do not look to them to protect your daughters and young sons from pedophiles and child-rapists or to protect us from torturing terrorists wearing masks and wielding rusty knives! Jeb Bush allowed a helpless woman to be murdered by dehydration and starvation in Florida - her crime? She was inconvenient to her husband. Her name was Terri Shiavo. Wouldn't it be interesting if the memo was slow getting to Louisiana, the execution - in this case justice was served - was carried out, and the governor said, "Whoops. Just got the memo..." Of course, I am not and cannot suggest that anything be done that is against the law but I can hope that the Supremes who denied justice to that little 8 year-old rape victim have many sleepless nights but then that would have to assume that they have a conscience and we know that is not so... How shameful for them. I hope history and historians treat them with just half of the brutality the rapist inflicted upon his step-daughter and I can only hope they live long enough to read about how disgusting, shameful, and pathethic they are. But then - maybe there is hope. Perhaps the rapist will be returned to the general prison population. It is my understanding that criminals are much more exacting when it comes to justice... But then I probably watch too much "Law and Order". It is time for some leadership in this nation. It is time for our men with "balls" to come out of hiding and get this nation turned around. I know you are out there, men. I know you are out there... We have no leadership - at least none that is showing AND WE NEED LEADERSHIP! I know "political correctness" has been castrating you at every turn from early childhood but there are women out here such as myself who want you and need you to be men, men, men! We'll back you! We'll vote for you'! We need you...


Blogger Findalis said...

At least they haven't taken away our guns. But next time they might.

Sometimes the crows do read the Constitution.

7:32 PM  
Blogger ptg said...

We are, as you say, one justice's vote from having the entire Constitution reduced to mush. The Supreme Court has too much power and too little respect for the Constitution's plain language.

Supreme Court justices aren't constitutionally required to be lawyers or to have had any education at all.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Flanders Fields said...

You are absolutely right, Beach Girl, and there are more who are becoming men. The extremes of this political and cultural madness known as multiculturalism and political correctness is apparent and the results are affecting them in ways they can see, hear and FEEL. Now, they just need to learn what it is going to take to correct our society and that everyone - all of us - must take steps to do it.

For some great info which gives the best explanation of what political correctness actually is and an explanation of it's source, there is a link previewed within my post:

Hope things are going good for you and that you are feeling better, BG. Thanks for coming by.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Liberal Supremes to Child Rapists: Go on, rape 'em! We got your back!"

This type of headline is what I call "cruel and unusual distortion of fact."

The fact is that the Supreme Court decision said, simply, that neither the US nor state judicial systems can take another person's life unless that person has taken the life of another.

You can see more of my thoughts on this issue at:

5:16 PM  

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