Monday, November 19, 2007

Election 2008 - Draft Nicolas Sarkozy?

Just kidding... I can't go for the "global warming" issue with America being strapped while China opens one new coal-burning plant every three days and I don't go for open borders but I sure do like to hear presidential candidates speak up about what is good about America... While the United States seems poised on the brink of electing our first Marxist-Leninist president under the guise of a Democrat Socialist with the goal of granting corporations the largest "corporate" give-away known as "health care for the children", France seems to be moving into more of a nation in search of a means to reclaim itself. I would love to hear any of our candidates for the Presidency speak of America (not the Americas) but America, The United States of America, and the ideal that is uniquely American - individualism and personal responsibility within the framework of our representative republic - as did President Nicolas Sarkozy. Speech by President Sarkozy and also, Sarkozy's Speech to Congress. Just search "Sarkozy speech to Congress" for clips and more. And finally, Video of Sarkozy's Speech. I am not a globalist, no borders, no national sovereignty sort of conservative so I don't fit into the "neo-con" ideology but in his speech... Sarkozy gets it. He knows what made America great - that American ideal or idea that each of us can attain our version of the American Dream through our hard work. I know, yada, yada, yada - let's leave the new-found "victimology" where it belongs in the circular file. President Sarkozy made a hit when he gave a speech to the joint Houses of Congress. See Congress warms to France's new President. Further Sarkozy news can be found here, more on Nicolas Sarkozy. I'm not about to say the man is perfect - none of us are perfect - but his nation is embroiled with approximately 20% of the population being Muslim with some cities or areas that for all intents and purposes function as Islamic states within a nation. He has his work cut out for him and... Let's remember, Sarkozy won over a feminist liberal who stood for "appeasement." Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned there.... Maybe we should take note and not be so fast to continue our open border policy, aka the non-treaty/treaty North American Union (Mexico is now considered part of the North Americas) as demonstrated through the EU.

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