Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ozone hole reduced; illegals to get "U" visas!

Talk about confusing times! We're living in them. Good grief!
* New York soon to host more Al Qaeda terrorists. With Illegals OK'd for driver's licenses, NY state could be the next adoptive home for our next attack from Al Qaeda proving that man can't learn even from recent history; ie, Atta and others held driver's licenses issued in Virginia.
* Mexican nationals in US illegally classified as "crime victims" to get special visas. No joke! Here's how. Eleuterio Rodriquez Ruiz is qualified for a "U" visa because he was legally held at gun-point when illegally crossing into the United States. The real "criminal" against whom charges have been dropped was an Army reservist protecting our nation. Tell me our "leaders" have not been transformed into Stepford Wives? Why does Ruiz qualify for the "U" visa? Mr. Ruiz "was among those who qualified for a "U" visa because he was a crime victim when he and six others were held at gunpoint as they entered the U.S. illegally in April 2005." And anyone seriously questions why the American people generally view our government as operating in a parallel universe, say Mars? See also S.774, A bad DREAM amnesty? by Phyllis Schlafly. We've gotta keep 'em away from the Koolaide...
* In Around the Nation - South Pole ozone back to average size. What's up with that? "Warmer weather and more storms this year are the reason the hole is slightly smaller" - back to average size to be exact, "shrinking about 16% from last year's record high..." Go, Al, go! Get that worthless Nobel prize. Be proud, be very proud!
* And what happened to Sodom exactly? California in the news, again!
* Mexican trucks are dangerous, from Letters to the Editor. I cannot call for open rebellion against the opening of our highways to Mexican truckers as will soon occur. But how many deaths of Americans will it take for us to finally realize this North American Union works only one way - from south to north with more Mexicans invading our nation, putting our lives at risk? When do we rise up and say enough? Oh, I know, when an avowed Marxist is elected president. Whom might that be?
* Knaves at George Washington University. Hitler Youth would be proud of the tactics of the campus leftists and the support of their behavior by the president of GWU. But a point of clarification please. Is George Washington University praising Islamofascism? So, President Stephen Knapp, is it true - when you are afraid of the guilty in brown shirts, you punish the innocent? Perhaps conservative parents should consider removing their children from such an indoctrination hotbed of "intellectual" (I use the word lightly) tyranny and intolerance. See also, Academic Cesspools by Walter Williams addressing the ending of "freedom of speech" on college campuses, read - ending the speech of conservatives.
Have a great weekend to all! Right now the weather is fine where I live and I'll be heading out to a park for a nice walk, and to watch the turtles sunning themselves on trees that have fallen into the lake. And, by the way, happy birthday to all born on this day...


Blogger falcon_01 said...


There's a lot of land along the border there. Too bad the majority of the criminal illegals don't just "disappear." I know... that's extremist, but I'm sick of them coming here to rape and kill Americans, and steal our tax-dollars.
I think the fence should be electric. Not as in electronic surveillance either...

3:13 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Can't build it high enough or deep enough so I say let's stop giving any "aid" to Mexico and let's invade en masse. As in American citizens invade in their campers and RVs - about 5,000,000 at once like the "land rush" wagon and horse races of times gone bye.

3:58 PM  

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