Sunday, August 05, 2007

USA: Islamic terrorists imported or "home grown" just for you

With the continued open borders and with the Democrats interesting behavior on the FISA "vote" that wasn't a "vote", and now the possibility of Iraqi refugees, courtesy of the Democrats, we could be getting closer to the manifestation of Michael Chertoff's "gut feeling". As in: Suicide attack in Pakistan: 20 killed or similar to the "suicide bombers" in Israel - just change the headline to something like "Muslim driver plows SUV into student-frequented coffee shop in North Carolina." And with President Bush's Administration all for "globalist - one world order" dictates lending possible support to HR 2265 and S 1651, we could expect "suicide bombings" and random acts of street-killings such as are everyday occurrences in Iraq and Pakistan, right here at home. Lovely! As reported at Atlas Shrugs, in Media ignore Black Muslim murder of their own, we already know there is a double-standard. If you are white, you get the "rusty sword"; if you are a Black Muslim, you can kill with impunity - at least if you live in California and name your bakery, Your Black Muslim Bakery. How would that be if some poor fellow named his bakery, The White Cross Buns Bakery? Yep, one man's "diversity" (code for institutionalized racism against whites) and "multiculturalism" is another man's unequal protection before the law. Heard much on the murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters lately? Of course not, she was a Christian; she had white skin, as did her daughters; and their torturers and killers are white. I don't know about you but "racist" is a term being used quite dishonestly against "white" people in America today. The racists are the "victims" who spit on us, attacked the 4 or 5 young white girls who went to a Halloween event last year in LA. The black attackers got 60 days "house arrest" for seriously injuring the young girls. Why were the girls attacked? They are white. Why was the "punishment" so light? The attackers were black. Can anyone say O.J. Simpson? How about Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman? Seeing a pattern here? So, when Chertoff gets that "gut feeling", it's probably his way of saying there's not enough Pepto to let him sleep at night. No wonder the poor man is so thin... He has a lot on his mind, no doubt. But will our government have our blood on its hands? "They have to be right only one time and we have to be right 100% of the time" just nolonger works for me when our government, State Department, et al including the Dems in Congress are working to import as many Muslim terrorists or would-be Islamic terrorists as possible.


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