Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is Connecticut a safe haven for felons, illegals, and more?

A comment from Frank Hilliard at the anti-islamic alliance regarding the heinous crime committed by paroled felons in Cheshire, Connecticut:
This dreadful crime is a lesson to everyone who thinks they can rely exclusively on the police to protect them. A security doorstop, internal security gate and a handgun are the keys to thwarting a serious home invasion. Americans generally, unlike Canadians, recognize that evil exists in the world and that individuals have to take steps to protect themselves. Sadly the Petits did not do so. We mourn for them; but we should also look to our own actions. Feeling bad isn't enough.
And to my point: Is Connecticut a state where law-abiding citizens are safe? No! But Connecticut does seem safe for felons, for illegal aliens getting their ID cards, and for land developers who "scratch" someone's back so that private property is condemned to be sold to developers, to private business to increase the tax base. Thank you, US Supreme Court. Several stories about Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters, Hayley (17) and Michaela (11) can be found here and here. In the latter story, a family member asks, "How could a God allow something like this to happen?" Well, God didn't allow it. We did by suffering bottom-feeding as well as liberal scum lawyers and "let's give world peace a chance" judges and parole boards who, to me, are culpable. We too are culpable for tolerating such people who bastardize and corrupt our system of justice. Look no farther than the "mad" lawyers in the Senate, the Congress, the judicial system all the way down to your local courts who coddle and hand-hold such scum as the career criminals who brutalized this mother and her daughters. In this case, they are called "home invaders." Rather benign term! At the higher levels of the food-chain, our Senate and Congress coddle illegals and terrorists. For how and why crime pays in Connecticut, just review the info that has been released on Komisarjevsky and Hayes, here. On Oct. 10, 2002, Komisarjevsky (age 26) was sentenced to three years in prison. On December 20, 2002, he was sentenced on 12 burglary charges. Had he served the 9 years he was sentenced to serve in 2002, where would he have been on July 23, 2007? In JAIL, that's where! On October 1, 2003, Hayes (age 44), with convictions going back to 1980, was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Had he served that sentence for a burglary conviction, guess where he would have been on July 23, 2007? You guessed it! In JAIL! Charges for larceny, etc. were not prosecuted. So, in my humble opinion, Komisarjevsky and Hayes did not act alone. They had the failed judicial system of Connecticut helping them and every judge or parole board member who let them off has blood on their hands. Every last one of you! My suggestion, prosecute the parole boards and the judges who invited these scum to prey on unsuspecting citizens of Connecticut. And Gov. Rell - yes, an investigation, not just a review, is warranted into what is apparently easy parole in Connecticut. Citizens in Connecticut are not safe but neither are the rest of us - abandoned and betrayed by the "open-borders" crowd and the liberal left who unleash such criminals upon us. I don't know when we'll get out of the "criminals can be reformed" stage but clearly this liberal disease is killing us. A word of appreciation is in order to the police who work against such odds and who bring in the evidence only to see it "kicked to the curb" in defense of the criminal scum. And when the parole board claims to be unaware of the criminal history and behavior of these two slugs; I wonder how that can be when in America today the government has info on law-abiding citizens even down to our bra size. Good grief! Lotta buck passing goin' on in Connecticut. At least maybe the buck stops with the governor. In an update, here, Farr said "he reviewed the two suspects' case files over the past two days, and it appears their release on parole was "appropriate" based on the available evidence." I guess the evidence did not include the charges that were dropped against them over the course of their criminal careers. For myself, I can see the brutalization and murders of these three innocent women placed at the door-step of all of the leftists in this nation who are soft on crime. How many of us have died due to their malfeasance? How many of us remain at risk? And by the way, here's a thought for the Connecticut legislature: How about no parole, period; and three strikes and you are out - as in out of the public and behind bars forever. Three more brutal and senseless deaths of innocent women at the hands of a failed judicial system. Feeling safer now? Note: Don't look for too much coverage on this heinous crime. The victims were white women and the killers were white men. And, as I understand it, to Shepard Smith, the women were just abused.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

CBG, there is a point sorely missing from your commentary on the Petits. The Petits made a choice to be sheep in a world of predatory wolves. The Petits chose NOT to arm themselves and train for the potential criminal threat in a state that coddles predators. Had the Petits armed themselves with firearms in their home and done even a minimal amount of training in preparation, the outcome could most likely have been much different. Most likely two hardened criminals would have assumed room temperature and the Petits would have been alive and unharmed. To those who say that having a firearm in the home increases the chances of violence I say, "phooey, three raped and dead and one beaten almost to death, it doesn't get any worse than that".

4:32 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, they did make a choice. I don't know the gun laws in Connecticut but the laws seem stacked against law-abiding citizens. No doubt, had Mr. Petit and his family chosen to arm themselves, and had they defended themselves successfully from the "home invaders", Mr. Petit may well have found himself on the block. Connecticut sounds like a place to avoid but then "liberal-mania" sounds like it has infested the state.

I'd say, arm yourself, keep the weapon handy and loaded. The girls were old enough to understand and use firearms themselves. But hind-sight is always 20-20. In this case, for this family, I really don't want to blame the victims. Just like the family in Richmond, VA who were killed much the same way a few years back - I just can't blame either family. Mr. Petit will live with that "blame" and I suspect he'll be blaming himself for a long time. God bless him for the horror his life has become.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Laurel O'Keefe said...

first of all 'They didnbt make any choice children cannot get guns only adults. secondly I cannot belive that you can be such an insensitive cretin as to use this crime as a platform for not the right to bear arms but the responsibility to bear arms-when did that happen when did we stop expecting our tax dollars to actually be used for what they are supposed to be used for; adept court systems that dont turn loose criminals all day long in plea bargain mills and one more thing get your facts straight you finger pointing low-life Dr Petit was asleep on his sunporch when these scumbags slipped in having broken a lock on a bilco basement dr-one of them was an experienced cat burglar known for getting into homes undetected incl a state police officers home- which he'd robbed during one of those strings of robberies that he recieved a total of three years for-he smashed dr petit in the head while he slept you moron-have you never slept on a chouch in your home soundly!? Well if you have then clearly according to your own logic YOU DESERVE TO BE BEATEN ABOUT THE HEAD AND BODY THRON DOWN A SET OF BSMNT STAIRS TIED UP AND HAVE YOUR FAMILY RAPED AND TERRORIZED AND THEN LATER KIDPAPED ROBBED AND SET AFLAME WHILE THEY LAY TIED TO THIER BEDS AFTER HAVING GASOLINE POURED ON THEM-Oh I suppose now youll say youve got an alarm system-you know what this could have happened anywhere pal and none of us are always safe. but for you to use this forum to spount your physcho blather is an utter disgrace.Your judgemental insensitive cruel blather is the classic behavior of a person who thrives on kicking others when they are down.Perhaps someday we'll be reading about YOU being murdered in your home when you forgot to set your alarm, if you are lucky enough to afford one at that-and you foolishly fell asleep in your home-then we can all play arnmchair judge and jury for you the victim, because after all you deserved it, you failed to protect yourself after all.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Laurel, my gracious. A low-life??? No family deserved what this family suffered. Jimminey Christmas, "you moron", et al. Psycho blather - come on now, Laurel. This family like the Cutter family recounted in the book, In Cold Blood, were brutalized and murdered. My issue is with a legal system that coddles criminals.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Laurel O'Keefe said...

beach girl.. I am sorry that you misunderstood that my comment was directed at the anoynomous commenter above your lst comment-I was responding to his utterly uncompassionate Ill daresay cruel take on why it was the petit familys own fault that the crime happened, as they didnt have a gun and didnt "protect themselves'Properly Mr peit was sound asleep on his sunporch when the murderer rapists broke in by jimmying a lock on a basement bilco door and gaining access -he was beaten with a bat while asleep when he regained consciousness and crawled to the breezeway he was beaten again thrown down the cellar stairs and tied to a pole unconscious.Even if hed had a gun it wasnt likely to be loaded and in his hands as he slept-as that would be irresponsible gun handling espeically with children in the house.
I run a website for victims of violence and I also am at great odds with our corrupt and coddling conn justice system that has become an enterprise of sorts. The website is called chasing justice at
I am also a survivor of violent crime and I just cannot abide by people who blame innocent victims after they have endyured horrific brutality. Its called kicking someone when they are down or in this case deceased. I landed on your blog because of the title of this articles obvious tough on crime sentiment...Thanks...

4:03 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Laurel, no problem - I've been called everything but really felt I had arrived when called a "darling racist pig" as I am a non-believer as in Kuffar. I went to your blog. Will add it to my list.

I see you don't allow comments so I hope you catch this one here.

I am tough on crime and don't think these folks need
"three" bites at the apple to be put away forever and ever, amen. Actually, I think highly of swift punishment for violent crimes - swift and final.

Come back any time you have a minute.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Laurel O'Keefe said...

I will definitely be back often and I would like to add you to my links but alas everytime I try to add an extra link to my permanent blogger html template-the whole blog set up goes awry in fact that is precisely why my blog posts are currently running into my right sided links etc...I tried to add some html and I didnt know what the heck I was doing! Someday someone will help me figure it out-Im afraid to mess with it for fear I will vaporize my blog into the cyber ether...See you and thanks!

8:16 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Laurel, I have had the same problem. That is why I have added more divisions in the sidebar. That has been the only way I have kept chaos from breaking out. See ya...

10:42 PM  

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