Thursday, July 26, 2007

al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Termite Control

We can use all the fancy terms we want such as "violent Islamist extremists", or "Islamic terrorists", or "terrorists" in accordance with Gordon Brown's tough stand, or "Muslim terrorists". Point is they are termites gnawing away at our culture, our secular rule of law just as termites gnaw at the foundation and structure of your home. Now, tell me - truthfully - would you even consider "negotiating" with the termites? Even once. No, you'd call your Termite Control folks and zap the little bastards! You'd breathe a sigh of relief and have your home re-treated on schedule. Well, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, and all of the rest - let's toss in MS-13 too - are the termites of our time. They are more dangerous than Hitler - I said dangerous, not more brutal - Hitler wore a uniform and so did his SS. We had an enemy we could see. The Islamic terrorists are cowards and are surrogate or proxy fighters for all nations in the Middle East who cannot take us on full-force with an army. The Muslim terrorists fight for themselves, for Saudi Arabia busily setting up Wahhabi mosques and recruiting Islamofacists from within our prisons, for Iran, for Syria. You don't negotiate with termites; you kill them! You cannot 'reason' with Muslim terrorists; so what is left? Call out termite control or better yet, call out our very own Tony Soprano! And give Musharraf ALL the help he needs. NO place on the planet should be safe for Muslim terrorists. Other terrorists, we can handle them next but let's wipe out the Muslim terrorists first and pronto. We will not win this war if we use "civilized" means. Simply won't happen... Why? Because to Muslim terrorist termites, "civilized" means equal weakness and just encourage them to gnaw away. How many people do they have to kill to convince you that they are not "civilized"? And whose parent or child must fall to them next - these termites we treat as deserving of the protections of the laws they spit on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you the only solution is to treat all Muslims the same. Consider what we're doing now; we first check if the Muslim in question is 'moderate' or 'extremist.' If the latter, we have to go through the court process to convict him (or her) of a crime. What if we had had to do this with the Germans in WWII? We would first have had to check if the solider opposing us was a Nazi. Then we would have to convict him of a specific crime. Then he gets jail. Wonderful!

We won the war by treating ALL Germans as combatants. We can win this war by treating all Saudis as combatants. They started this and we need to finish it.

Keep up the good work on your blog.

10:46 AM  
Blogger falcon_01 said...

But, what if we give termites bits of wood from our houses to see if we can satisfy their hunger? Surely we can make peace with them with a little effort! How selfish of us to want all the wood for ourselves! NO WONDER the termites want to eat our homes. After working for our homes, we thought we could just live in them without sharing with those creatures less fortunate! We have just been living in arrogance!
It would be much more friendly to share our houses with termites! Termites all over are starving and need your support so they can enjoy our homes too. So please, when you work hard for your paycheck, remember, part of it will go to feeding part of your home to termites so there can be peace.

Vomit. :-)

11:54 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Sorry, I don't especially want to treat all Muslims the same but I think we should not import Muslims from any nation that provides terrorists save haven - including England. We have enough potential Muslim terrorists right here now.

I do not see that Islam is compatible with our democratic republic and I fail to see the good of trying to accommodate "muslim" so-called religious practices in our work places or in our universities.

It has been suggested that jihadis are the "good" Muslims because they follow the Qur'an where it can be argued that 'moderate" Muslims are the "bad" Muslims because they do not want to kill us all.

We are dealing with an implacable enemy and this is one more vast war between Christianity and Islam. Same story, just extension of the war that Mohammed started for power and world dominance. No two ways about it.

Why in the world should thousands of air travelers a day be inconvenienced when we all know who the Islamic terrorists are? That is like me keeping an entire class of 8th graders after school because Billy and Ray committed the "crime." And we all know it. So every time all of us are being punished, the Islamic terrorists win. I'm sick of it.

I really believe we should end Saudi money being used to build mosques, the centers of terrorism perhaps, at least terrorist teachings; we must accept that Islam is not a religion with a "golden rule". While some may practice "spiritual Islam", we cannot afford to distinguish with nuances of terms. I would bet money that when our Founding Fathers were writing the US Constitution, when they got to the part about "freedom of religion" Islam was not even in their mind - anyone remember Tripoli?

Islam is a political, societal, tribal cult now with Muslims in America being given special status as "victims". Give me a break! Just because an employer expects a worker to abide by the employer's expectations does not make the employer out as discriminating against Muslims because they "want to pray" and cut into their work hours while all of the rest of us have to give good work for good pay. Hogwash!

And by the way, aren't we all having a great summer waiting for Mike Chertoff's "gut feeling" to come true.

The easiest stragedy of all is just to stop giving out Visa in terrorist-supporting nations. Okay, so no Brits can travel here for a while. Okay. And the airlines suffer. Okay. Maybe they can bring enough pressure upon our government to do its job and keep "those who shall remain nameless" out of our respective nations. No other way around it until we get the islamic terrorists deep-sixed.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who doubts the catastrophic influence of Saudi-funded Wahhabism simply hasn't been paying attention. That's where my blog, Wahaudi, bridges the information gap. I track stories from across the globe as they pertain to Saudi Arabia and Wahahbism -- over 400 posts in just 4 months.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have you seen this yet?

4:02 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Hampton, going there right now - to your blog.

Renn, no, I haven't. Will check it out. Thank you.

7:56 AM  

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