Saturday, July 21, 2007

Britain's "religion of peace" garrotted own daughter

The story of Banaz Mahmod is not new in Merry Ole England these days. And with the insane asylum laws the story of the young woman brutally raped, tortured, garrotted, forced to have cruel and degrading sex acts, and finally stomped to death will certainly not be the last such tragedy. And this by her father, family, and friends. Oh, England - what is becoming of you and us for that matter to let such brutal people into your midst? You cannot control them, you certainly cannot get them to live by your laws when their imams tell them just to give lip-service to co-existing, and even worse they are given the "keys to the kingdom" because they are not white-skinned. The link is 'Honour Killing' family get life sentence. Please go to the story and see the beautiful young woman living in a "civilized" nation who when asking the police for help was turned away. Banaz Mahmod, 20 years old, feared for her life and who was it who killed her: the ones who should have protected her: her own father; her uncle Ari. Other men were involved. Briefly from the news story:
Banaz Mahmod was strangled because her family disapproved of her relationship with her boyfriend. Hama and three other men who have left the country killed her during two hours of torture at her home. She was raped and subjected to degrading sex acts before succumbing to an agonising death. The murder was ordered by her Iraqi Kurd father and uncle after her affair with fellow Kurd Rahmat Sulemani, 29, was discovered. The Common Serjeant of London, Judge Brian Barker, said: "This was a barbaric and callous crime. You are hard and unswerving men to whom apparently the respect from the community is more important that your own flesh and blood." Banaz was garrotted for five minutes but took half an hour to die as Hama stamped on her neck to "let her soul out".
Yes, the barbaric "religion of peace", the political ideology that wants to turn England into an islamic republic under Sharia Law where children are taught to strap on suicide-bombs and young women are raped and brutalized by their own family - the men in the family who above all people on earth the young women should be able to turn to for protection. What shame is upon such a senseless and brutal pathology! And this is the "peaceful" religion about which our president speaks. If this is what they do to their own daughters, can we expect any reason or negotiations - seriously now! Would you?


Blogger MK said...

The sick thing is that they'll be out in 17-23 years. No point calling it life. Thanks for posting this.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

MK, can you get the url for that site that keeps track of the women killed by the "peaceful religionists" of Islam? The link is in post on Stoning young girls???

9:58 AM  
Blogger MK said...

Are you talking about these two links -

6:27 PM  

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