Thursday, October 19, 2006

In my perfect world

I thank Anonymous for the reading suggestion and now with my herbal tea (of course), I'm going to consider my perfect "geopolitical" world. I've been looking at that world map I mentioned in the previous post. And I got to thinking, "It's a darn shame we had that pesky Bolshevik Revolution thing in Russia a few decades back." One revolution here or there makes all the difference. In my perfect geopolitical world:
  • Russia and the United States would be the closest of allies - so close nothing could get between us;
  • Cuba would be a nice little friendly dictatorship and we could all be dancing the night away in Havana - unlike the unfriendly dictatorship that it is;
  • the thinkers of greater Islam would know that they don't want to wake up the pesky little Americans and they better leave Europe alone;
  • some in Britain would know intuitively that it is wrong to put a little girl in jail just because she wants to be in a study group with students who speak her language - English;
  • just because Britain gave Hong Kong back to China, they don't have to make Britain into Hong Kong;
  • multiculturalism would be seen for the fraud that it is; stew is one thing; you get the point; and France...
  • I just really don't want to give up on France - is there any hope?
The point is that we are not all alike; we don't all like the same things, the same dress, the same foods, the same religion, the same language, the same anything. Someplace way back when the United States was becoming a sovereign nation, leaders like Thomas Jefferson and others believed that we could trade with any nations that we chose but we should essentially choose our friends and our battles wisely. Have we always done so? No. Have we done so sometimes? Yes. Will we continue to have successes as well as failures? Yes - that is the nature of things. The tea isn't de-caf. Fooled ya! Have enjoyed our time together; now must go blog-hopping...


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

Your perfect geopolitical world closely matches mine w/the exception of your last point, LOL. I gave up on France back in 1984 during my first visit to Paris. What a lousy trip that was. The people there were so unfriendly; I found Paris to be very dirty and it smelled like a sewer.

In regard to the tea, I've found the best green tea and bought it in a chinese store. It makes all the others taste like cardboard.

12:20 PM  

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