Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel, Oh Israel - Fight on!

Dear People of Israel: I read of the missiles flying into your nation, into your homes and I say, "Fight on, oh Israel! Fight on!" From my view, there will be no peace in the Middle East until once and for all, you have exerted your right to be and to live in peace as a free, democratic nation. I live in the United States and I hear on the cable news that our government would not allow a hostile nation to amass bombs and missiles along our border. I hear that our government would not stand by and allow our homes and cities to be attacked by missiles and do nothing. That view is questionable. Certainly in the context of missiles that would be true but the damage inflicted by missiles would be visible and difficult to deny. Our national plight is more subtle. Our government allows drug cartels to carry poison to our citizens. Our government is allowing the creation of a new "slave" class, and our government is allowing this invading force to drain our financial resources. Our working poor cannot compete against this invading force for jobs primarily because of our laws regulating business. I read just the other day that even in some cases once the illegals become "legal", businesses will be able to pay them more than the native-born are paid. I could have this wrong but the way things are turned upside down here, it sounds right. Americans have never been against legal immigration but what we have is an invasion of illegal aliens. With the exception of our Border Agents and the brave men and women of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, we are totally vulnerable to the entire change of our language and our culture aided and abetted by our federal administration. A total change and why? For the establishment of a region without borders. I marvel in that the only nation on the brink of losing its sovereignty will be the United States. Our national guard troops assisting the Border Patrol are not even allowed to carry weapons, and yet we know that the drug cartels and smugglers are heavily armed and manned. We, in America, live in a time of insanity and national suicide. It is a felony to have a 7 gallon water tank installed above our toilets. We must pay taxes each and every year but the legislation passed by our Senate recently says that it is not a felony for illegals to forge documents, to cross our borders, to diminish the meaning of citizenship, and oh, by the way, the illegals will only have to pay a fine and then pay back taxes for 3 of the past 5 years they were here "illegally". Presto, change-o, and citizenship will be theirs. It is slightly more complex than that but the bottom line is that our Senate (the greatest deliberative body on earth - must have been a Senator who coined that phrase) legislation is designed to weaken our nation. In it, there is a provision that we essentially have to get permission from Mexico if we want to build a wall to slow down the invasion. Go figure! Many brave citizens have joined the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps ( and are assisting the Border Patrol. These brave men and women have been dubbed "vigilantes" by the president they elected. I am proud of the Border Patrol as I understand their work and mission. I am proud of the Minutemen. But the purpose of this posting is to speak to you in your present situation. I read that some Israelis do not support the efforts of your government and military but I assure you that appeasement will not work. It has been tried before leading up to World War II. You were the pawn and the appeasement. Clearly, it didn't work. Please, do not let it happen again. The countries of the Middle East work overtly and covertly for your destruction. The Christians of this nation support you and pray for your survival. I cannot speak to the horror you are enduring as citizens but I know your foe is implacable. I beseech you to stand and fight. Only you can assure your survival. God helps those who help themselves, who husband their resources, and who protect their women and their young. No doubt, I will have more to say on this issue but I pray for your survival. If you survive, I know we can.


Blogger John said...

Hey Beach girl, I enjoyed reading you blog!! I hope you keep on posting, I will check back and read more. We share our concern for our nation, and the slow wearing away of it's foundation. I continue to be in awe of our founding fathers and that they were truly brilliant men!! I only wish we had some like them now.



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