Monday, July 17, 2006

Thomas Jefferson and Buddy-roo!

As you might suspect, Buddy-roo is a friend. Actually, he's around 10 pounds, full coat of white fur, a devil disguised as a precious, bundle of Maltese. An imp, a charmer, a good walker, and a complete, full-on dog. He's had 7+ months of obedience training of the good, gentle variety and he has passed Advanced Basic THREE times. He has been with other doggy friends such as Bailey the Akita, Maddox the Great Dane weighing in at 135 pounds, and who could leave out Beauregard(sp) the dobbie. Buddy-roo was always on his toes. I don't know if he was so active because he was just into it or because he had a much greater concern - keeping from being sat upon by Maddox - the loveable lug. The time indicator seems to be off on my postings so if you read anything else except 4:15 am or so, then it is wrong. Been enjoying the heck out of a migraine for a day and a half now and just got up for a moment to take Buddy-roo out for a moment. Thought I'd drop a note to the world - the half of the world that is asleep and the half that is awake. I have been accused of being a cynic (not bad from my point of view), of having a dry sense of humor (not right), as well as being naive and an incurrable optimist. I suppose many descriptions can fit each of us from time to time depending upon our mood, howmany bills we still have to pay, or who died(and didn't leave you in their will). Buddy-roo now needs my attention. No politics this morning but after the trek with my little friend, I plan to return to the migraine and Thomas Jefferson. Yes, Tom is in my bed - a biography about him that is and his years in Paris. Reading several books about Jefferson right now and I'll no doubt bring a few quotations of his into this blog. A word about quotations. It makes my skin crawl when someone says, "Here's a quote from Tom Jefferson." WRONG-OH. Quote is a verb as in "Let me quote from Thomas Jefferson." Quotation is a noun as in "Here's a quotation from Thomas Jefferson." It's just the little things isn't it. While I'm here though, let me recommend a recent oped piece from Michelle Malkin in Saturday's Washington Times and 199 other national newspapers. Her editorial was about the money spend today by the administration on funding separatists/segrationist schools in the United States with tax dollars. Ms. Malkin did the research and wrote the article and she gets the credit. Just thought you'd like to see your tax dollars at work yet again to divide and polarize our nation. Wait! Maybe Al Gore got it right when his mis-translated "e pluribus unum"! A man ahead of his times? How I will miss you while I'm gone!


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