Friday, June 15, 2007

MinutemanHQ - March for America -6/15 and 6/16

March for America - June 15th - June 16th - Secure our Borders and bring Sanity to our Immigration Policy Thank goodness, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps are hosting a "March for America" in Washington, DC tomorrow and Saturday. The following is an e-mail sent to subscribers. If you care about America, if you want secure borders, and you want sanity in our immigration policy, you are not a racist and you believe in non-violent demonstrations - a Constitutional right, please support our great nation. ~~~~~~~~~~ Minuteman Civil Defense Corps March for America in DC Update - Location moved MCDC has representatives today at the March for America in Washington, DC. They have dealt with the unfortunate inconvenience caused to this patriotic event by having to move the location. The new location is now on the corner of 17th and Constitution next to the Washington Monument Park. They are encouraged in that they see mounted police standing watch over them! They see portal potties for use in the immediate area for your convenience. Tomorrow and Saturday's times will remain the same: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Please notify family or friends who may have traveled to DC and may not have access to their email to receive this notification of the location being moved!! Call them and let them know it is on the corner of 17th and Constitution next to the Washington Monument Park! Chris Simcox will speak at 1:30 pm tomorrow, Friday, June 15th and Phoenix Chapter Director, Don Goldwater, will speak on Saturday, June 16th. We hope all MCDC volunteers can support this cause, get out and rally on these days and continue to send our message to Congress: NO AMNESTY! SECURE THE BORDERS! ENFORCE THE LAWS! NO NORTH AMERICAN UNION! END AUTOMATIC BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP! They will also be speaking with members of the House and Senate, today and tomorrow, as we battle this shamnesty legislation. Please continue to call your Senators! Just as important as securing our borders, our congress must take a firm stand on the true meaning of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which was never intended to reward lawbreakers by granting unrestricted birthright citizenship to everyone. As much as holding employers accountable for following legal hiring practices is a deterrent to those who would enter our country illegally, denying birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens will also prove an effective disincentive and will help deter the mass invasion of the United States over our under-protected borders. Please participate in your state's March on Saturday, June 16th and "March for America". LFRA has published information on their website, in regards to this historic event, located at Americans nationwide march forth in unison to offer their direct opposition to Amnesty. Key speakers will lend their voices across our Nation to speak for the citizens of the United States of America to tell our government America will not accept this bill, and to remind our Government where their loyalties should lie the "The U.S. Constitution" and the "Blood and sweat of the American Citizens". Sincerely for America, Chris Simcox President/CEO Minuteman Civil Defense Corps ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let Freedom Ring America (LFRA) Press Release In a historic event, for the first time Americans are gathering en mass across our Nation to converge upon Washington D.C. and their State capitols. An unprecedented number of groups/organizations and American citizens are marching forth in unity, to bring through united voices a message from the American public to the lawmakers that Americans need and demand the securing and protecting of their borders, legal citizens rights placed first and foremost, and an accurate accounting of illegal aliens within the United States of America before any comprehensive immigration enforcement can be set in place. LFRA has published information on their website, in regards to this historic event, located at . "Our Nation's borders need securing, our legal citizens protecting, and our Nations Constitution upheld. The American people have for too long been crying for the U.S. government to back them only to be denied at every turn." says Suzanne Wise, of LFRA . "American citizens and those trying to become citizens legally, should never be forced to the back of the bus while those here because they broke and continue to disregard our countries Code of Law are given the front seats." We, as a nation, we do not need a repeat of history. If this Legislation can not back its legal American citizens and protect this country at its borders, then this Legislation is failing and must be stopped. The efforts in DC will be supported by American citizens who are planning to go to Washington D.C, their State capitols, or remaining and offering their support at the home front by the tens of thousands. At present a total of 46 groups and organizations as well as 32 speakers are signed up to be in attendance to offer their aid to the March For America. The events will begin on Thursday, June 14th in Washington D.C. with the kick off of Operation Body Count sponsored by Patriot Watchdog and FIRE, and conclude on the 16th with a united march nationwide. In addition radio show hosts and bloggers will be active in keeping American patriots up to date on events and calling for all Americans to join in the efforts to speak up for their country. The March For America movement is open to any non-racist wishing to participate to come stand side-by-side with such groups as the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp, 9-11 Families For A Secured America, F.I.R.E. Coalition, Grassfire, NY ICE, You Don't Speak For Me, and many others in D.C. and at various State capitols. Contact: Suzanne Wise CEO/Operations LFRA Tel1: (916) 339-3167 Tel2: (281) 354-4346 --- Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc. 6501 Greenway Parkway Suite 103-640 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 (520) 829-3112 ~~~~~~~~end e-mail~~~~~~~~


Blogger Always On Watch said...

Oh, how I wish that I could participate this weekend! Alas, my husband and I are celebrating our 35th anniversary, so I'd better not be political for the next few days.

Every American I speak with is disgusted with the Amnesty Bill. Nevertheless, GWB insists on pushing it.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

GWB insists on having the legacy, "I violated the law and encouraged others to do it, screwed the American people (He, He), and helped my buddies in the Skull and Bones."

Have a great anniversary!

3:57 PM  

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