Friday, June 15, 2007

Hamas beats Fatah: Where is CAIR?

As folks self-defined as a group working for the "civil rights" of Muslims, just exactly where is CAIR in helping defend the rights of Muslims in Palestine who support the Fatah party? Where is CAIR in defending the rights of the men who are being thrown out of buildings and who fall screaming to their deaths? Where is CAIR suing for these men's families? Is CAIR screaming their "we're Rosa Parks" rants and demanding "equal" rights in Palestine - that would be equal rights among fellow Muslims? Maybe there is a touch of truth to the suspicion/rumor that CAIR is funded by the terrorist group, Hamas, and is a lackey or front for Hamas here in the USA? Any truth to that or does it just look too convenient? Just wide-eyed speculation? Does Hamas practice Wahabbism? Is Hamas funded by Saudi, by Iran? Who's supplying the guns, men, and money for Hamas? And how about those Syrians amassing troops along the border with the Golan Heights? Anyone from CAIR looking out for the Arab Muslims in Israel, as in negotiations to keep these fellow Musllims safe when the missles fly? Since Israel is called the front for America in the Middle East and CAIR means Council for American-Islamic Relations, why doesn't CAIR have its 30 offices in the US re-deployed more equally throughout the Middle East where the Muslims do need "civil rights" advocates to protect them from their fellow Muslims? Hmmm... Nazanin come to mind?


Blogger PBH said...

Who is going to miss Fatah? I certainly won't

4:56 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Me neither but seems someone will as they now have a new government. Maybe the little warring tribes can duke it out with each other and save us the trouble.

11:51 AM  

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