Monday, January 29, 2007

Wren Cross - Bow to Diversity - Wrong Message?

Please read Natasha Altamirano's piece, above the fold, Bow to diversity leaves altar empty, and see Save the Wren Cross. Also, admittedly I have fallen behind due to illness but you may also like the Save the Wren Cross Blog too. I am still sick but wrote a flu delirium induced post that is definitely not for the children - will post it here when what ever is kicking me lets go. I defer to the advice of my ether net friends - it's off to bed I go. Interesting how much nichol looks like Ward Churchill - washed out and way, so very far away, from Haight Ashbury in good old San Francisco town - the town the lefties brought down, and all the banjos were playin'... In all cases today when the word "diversity" is used it is code for the exclusion of Caucasians, commonly known as "whites". Diversity means conformity of views; it mean "whites need not apply"; it means "vagina good, penis bad"; "vagina of color better than vagina of Anglo parentage." [Note to vaginas of color - non-white vaginas of illegal aliens better than vaginas of American-born blacks. You've been warned.] I should be more clear here and say the total male package bad; but Lord, good gawd a'mighty, give me men, not neutered eunichs or our boys castrated by perscribed drugs in elementary school. Dear God, I want the men back - I know you are out there - you read my blog - I love yor for it - you of all skin colors volunteer for the tough jobs in war. But in politics even the male packages of color fall way short of a full dose of testosterone. God help us all. Back to... The issue of the Wren Cross is so not about the Wren Cross in a Christian Chapel in a small college in Virginia - it is about extraordinary racism against any and all things Anglo-Saxon. It is against heritage, it is against Christians and white Christians in particular. It is against all societal icons - it is against all of the things that give us cohesion. I'm sorry to still be sick but I am. I'll leave you with one question: When was the last time you heard of "diversity" training that included training on understanding the "white" culture if there is such a thing, the white work ethic, the white expectations that children will actually be taught to read, to write, and to do math in schools? You think the Wren Cross issue is about one small cross? You'd better think again. But on the up side, that one small cross must send absolute fear into the far-lefties. Abject fear! One tiny cross... go figure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this wren cross case has ever been before a board at the college. If not, there should be due course, because the word of one man cannot make that item stick. Wondering what will force the college into getting that cross back into the chapel?

1:17 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Nothing will, Steve. The play by nichol is well-thoughtout. I need to give references here to his past history. Going back to bed.

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Europe's assimilation of Islam, or Islam's assimilation of Europe?"

Check this great article.


Politically Incorrect news from France

11:09 AM  
Blogger Voltaire said...

Dearest Beach Girl,

I hope this finds you rested, happy and on your way to recovery.

I have gladly answered your call, as I always try to do.

Please be well and give us a shout if you need us--or just to let us know you're doing better!

Yours, Voltaire.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, diversity has nothing to do with "exclusion of caucasians," perhaps you are confusing it with affirmative action which is an entirely different issue. A group entirely consisting of African Americans is just as lacking in the diversity department as an all-caucasian group. Diversity simply describes asa quality measuring the instance of difference among a group of people or things, and there are many types of diversity. Some include ethnic and racial identities, others religious background, nationality (there actually happens to be a distinction between ethnicity, race, and nationality, believe it or not), economic and social standing, education levels, geographic locations within nations, gender, sexual identity, political ideals, professions...and the list could go on forever. If you think celebrating diversity is about degrading western culture, you should think about the fact that the United States is, by definition, a nation of immigrants. Diversity is inherent in western culture and enhances it significantly.

Second of all, I find it humerous that you use Thomas Jefferson to support your claims about Christianity when it is well known that Jefferson was most likely a Diest or Unitarian. That does not mean he did not also identify as a christian--have you heard of the "Jefferson Bible"? However, he claimed no formal religious affiliation and if you really read what he wrote on tyranny and the separation of Church and State you would realize that Mr. Jefferson would agree with President Nichol. You speak of fighting for religious freedom when Jefferson's Bill for Religious Freedom was written to free society of the tyranny of any one religion or denomination, and Jefferson worked hard to get rid of religion in the context of the Virginia government. It would be wise to learn your history, check your facts, and research your quotes before citing something.

Third and finally, may I ask if you are an alum, student, faculty, or otherwise a member of our campus community? Ultimately this decision is for the College to make and if you have no affiliation with William and Mary, you may certainly have an opinion, but it doesn't carry any weight. Today the student assembly passed a bill in support of President Nichol, expressing regret at the escalation of this controversy. By and large, we are standing behind our "Big Nick" as a community, a community which could actually use a lot of work on its diversity.

1:37 AM  
Blogger James Higham said...

Forgive me, for I am male and can't help it. May I continue to read your blog? Also, you might check out Girlpower tomorrow evenng. CBG.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Always, James - my blog as well as I would miss you dreadfully.

Now, Anonymous - thank you for such clarity. The vote demonstrates why we are not a democracy and are rather a republic. I have a graduate degree from The College of William and Mary and am well-qualified to speak on this issue. Yes, I have read much regarding Thomas Jefferson even to the part of him attending church every place he went. As to being a Diest - well, yes, I have read that as well.

Congratulations on your "victory". May the day never come when your "icons" are attacked you find yourself on the other side of good old ACLU Gene's agenda.

The College of William and Mary will out live us all - God willing and gene's wrongs will be placed aright.

8:52 PM  

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