Thursday, December 21, 2006

America - the proud, the brave, the strong

America is a nation of proud, brave, strong citizens. No nation can defeat us unless we defeat ourselves from within first. Some would say we are on the road to that defeat paved by a "new" congress determined to bring our military to its knees in defeat, determined to stifle our freedom of speech; by the ACLU that has worked tirelessly [with the help of our tax dollars] to be the Scrooge that "stole Christmas" and divested Christians of freedom of speech; the ACLU that has worked to destroy and erase the symbols that represent the very reasons for our Christmas Season. The symbols of the nativity scene as well as the menorah are banned... What have we become? Have we foresaken our Founding Fathers? Judeo-Christian beliefs cannot be erased from their honored place in the founding of this great nation. It is only due to our freedoms that others are free to practice their religions in this great nation. Few nations on earth allow such luxury. I have faith in the people of this great nation. Throughout this great nation in middle America, in the South, in the mid-West, in Puerto Rico, in Maine - this nation's moms and dads are producing children that have been taught American history, heritage, and pride within the home. And these children - these boys and girls - have grown into strong, disciplined men and women who are risking their lives, making sacrifices, and fighting our wars, manning our fire departments, manning our EMT squads, manning our police departments, manning our classrooms (God bless them) and teaching many of our children character, American history and heritage inspite of the NEA, inspite of the drugs foisted upon our young boys, inspite of the tenets of "diversity" over competence, inspite of "multiculturalism" and moral equivalency over our nation's heritage of assimilating immigrants and creating One from many - E pluribus unum!, One out of many which is emblazened upon the Great Seal of the United States of America. The vaunted "diversity" so praised as the new model for the United States is defined as "to make different or various in form or quality, unlike, composed of distinct forms or qualities." We are all diverse; why? We are all individuals. The goal to undermine our nation is to divide us into group identities which groups by their nature remove the ideal of individual freedoms, of individual equality before the law, of individual responsibilities. I cannot speak to the feminizing, victimizing or wimpifying of many of our citizens. I cannot speak to the "marriage" of same-sex couples - the Bible speaks to that; the fall of Rome, the fall of ancient Greece speak to the weakening of a nation's character; of nations that lost their backbone, lost their courage, lost their way. I cannot speak today of the 12,000 United States citizens who have been murdered since September 11, 2001 by criminals and drunk drivers who are here illegally; I cannot speak to political parties abandoning legal citizens for the votes of the illegals. Today, I speak to the American people who work everyday, who love their children, who instill the American ideal of individual freedoms and individual responsibility into their children. I can speak to the 85% of Americans who identify themselves as Christians and I say to them - fight the ACLU; send a check no matter how small to the Minutemen to build that fence; pay attention to what your representatives do in Congress; fight the islamification of your nation by defeating the passage of HR 288; fight political correctness; fight for E Pluribus Unum! Your nation's future and destiny is in your hands and the hands of your children. The United States of America may today be without a soverign border; it may be without a government willing to protect us from invasion. Forget all that... our nation has us. As we move into this new year, with your vigilance, your watchful eye, the United States of America will remain one nation under God. That God has the final say; that God relies upon us to take action to keep America "one nation under God", to keep us "one nation out of many". We have been given a valuable gift. Will we keep it? Will we remain that "shining beacon upon the hill"? The choice is yours...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it not somewhat ironic that we're calling to fight against the Civil Liberties Union, who stand behind a false pretense yet have a secret agenda to actually help eradicate our civil liberties rather than have them invoked into power?

8:13 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Such a good and very true point. Perhaps we should blog on how this is happening - make a list, etc. of the ways the CLU - helped by tax dollars is removing our liberties.

12:18 PM  

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