Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama and his foreign policy guru!

This from the Weekly Standard, Obama's Foreign Policy Mentor by way of the Center for Security Policy. If you scroll down at the Center for Security Policy, you will find a list for excellent articles. We need to become informed and becoming informed is up to us. And one more good read that is uplifting from Right Wing Dog, Obama fails in judgement test, McCain surges ahead. If Obama is elected president, we're all gonna feel the pain and as Right Wing Dog points out, Obama is not the man for the job. Personally, I think Obama is led around by his wife so much so that he chose the "good old boys" club for his VP pick. Maybe Michelle will cost Obama the election - giving her yet again one more reason to "hate" or "not be proud" of the country that has given her opportunities for so much. I wonder if Michelle has ever taken responsibility for her own "failures" or if she has gone through life blaming them on white folks? If Obama is not elected, I'll predict that we'll have an American of Hispanic descent become president because these folks are hardworking and generally don't view having children as being "punished with a baby." And they are considered of European heritage... Hmmm...


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