Sunday, June 10, 2007

States of the Republic - protect your citizens and your own borders

States - protect your citizens and protect your own borders! Can't do it, you say! Oh, contraire! You set up roadblocks from time to time to check citizens' driver's licenses. You don't have to close your state borders all of the time but I will happily stand a little inconvenience if you put your state police on duty to "check" our licenses and our registrations from time to time. Lord, I love that Jerry Seper. He's on this illegal aliens story like a duck on June bugs. In his recent news article, States urged to act on illegal aliens, subtitled, "irate at federal failure to address the issue, an Ohio sheriff calls for a crackdown", Jerry nails it once again. Go get'em, Jerry! And an hats-off to Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County, Ohio. He has billed the Feds and Mexico for the cost of rounding up and maintaining (keeping illegal criminals) in jail. A real man! I'm in love... [my comments] We, the 80% of the nation of all ethnic hues and descriptions who want our government to try enforcing the existing laws and building that damn fence, the silent majority need to rise up, march on Washington, DC, and say, ENOUGH! Jerry's article follows:
An Ohio sheriff who billed the federal government for the cost of jailing criminal aliens and asked Mexico to reimburse him in his fight against Mexican-based drug rings says the Senate's failure to pass an immigration-reform bill is reason enough for states to target illegal aliens themselves. "It seems that maybe the 'silent majority' was heard after all by federal legislators," said Richard K. Jones, the sheriff of Butler County, Ohio. "No one I spoke with liked the feds' idea of watered-down immigration reform." Sheriff Jones, who called on state officials last week to issue a "resolution of nonsupport" for the federal reform proposal, said the bill's demise means that Ohio -- and other states -- should enact legislation to deal with what he called a "continuing illegal-immigration crisis." [A voice of reason!] "Let's create stricter state laws to go after employers who hire persons who are in this state illegally," he said. "Also, let's make English the official language of the state. Those who live in Ohio should know our language. Taxpayers should not have to pay for interpreters in schools, and U.S. citizens living here shouldn't have to learn another language." Sheriff Jones, along with state Rep. Courtney Combs, will call on House Speaker Jon Husted and Senate President Bill Harris to help enact legislation aimed at addressing illegal-immigration issues. The sheriff said certain aspects of the immigration crisis cannot be dealt with at the state level -- but he said states can help themselves in seeking to lessen the problem. [Amen, Sheriff!] "If we would make it a crime to be in Ohio illegally and local law enforcement could charge offenders with that as a state criminal offense, then we probably could get the federal government to deport those offenders," Sheriff Jones said. "Now is the time for Ohio to show the rest of the country how to deal with immigration problems." Lawmakers in other states have sought to make illegal aliens subject to arrest under state and local criminal-trespassing laws since U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Homeland Security agency responsible for deporting illegal aliens, generally does not respond to pick up illegals unless they have committed a crime. [They have committed a crime - a civil crime being here illegally?] Last year, Sheriff Jones billed Homeland Security $125,000 for the cost of jailing illegal aliens in his county, saying he was angry the federal government had failed in its responsibility to keep illegals out of the United States. The bill was never paid. [try not paying your taxes...] "Why should Butler County taxpayers have to pay for jail costs associated with people we don't believe should ever have been in this country to begin with, let alone this state or county?" Sheriff Jones said. "They are in my jail because they have committed crimes here, and it's time the federal government should at least pay for the criminals they let stay here. "If they don't want to pay for them, then they can deport them," he said. Sheriff Jones, ..., also called on Mexico to authorize the payment of $61,141 for "fair compensation for reimbursement" of costs and other related expenses for the most recent marijuana arrests in Butler County. "I am angered at all the problems I am forced to face and Butler County residents are forced to pay for." Sheriff Jones blames the Bush administration, Congress and Mexico for failing to address the problem of immigration, adding that taxpayers are "fed up with this stuff." [Amen, Sheriff Jones! We are fed up to the gills.]
And from Mike Pence, we have a grand editorial, Why I was opposed, which gives clear steps that the government must take to regain our sovereignty. As an aside, how much respect can we have abroad when our government has no respect for us or for our laws? It is clear, our government and the agencies such as Homeland Security are shams and frauds intent only on keeping our borders open. Before I move to Mike's editorial, there is a great quotation from Tortured logic by Deroy Murdock, "One side in the War on Terror is devoted to victory. Too bad it's not ours." There you have it all; the open border, the refusal to deport criminal illegals at the very least. Now to Mike Pence's editorial:
Last year, President Bush set out his views on immigration reform to the American people, saying there must be "a rational middle ground between granting an automatic path to citizenship for every illegal immigrant, and a program of mass deportation." I agree with the president that a rational middle ground can be found between automatic citizenship and mass deportation, but the amnesty bill that was defeated in the Senate was not the middle ground. I opposed the Senate immigration bill because of its core fallacy that millions of illegal immigrants could get right with the law without having to leave the country. For most Americans, and me, that is amnesty and I cannot support it... The purpose of requiring illegal immigrants to leave the country to get right with the law is not simply to do a quick "touchback." That is a gimmick. The purpose of leaving the country to get right with the law is to require people to apply for the legal right to enter the United States in the same way all other visa applicants apply to come into the United States. If a person applies from outside of the country and is denied, then the person does not need to be deported because he or she is already gone. If the person, however, applies from outside the country and is accepted, which would mean the person passed a background check and a health screening and has a job, that person has corrected his or her original illegal act and has been granted legal entry to America without amnesty. While I strongly opposed the Senate immigration bill, I am not against every version of immigration reform. Last year, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and I proposed a no-amnesty solution to the illegal immigration crisis, and I believe it still holds promise if Congress makes another attempt at immigration reform this year. Any future effort at immigration reform must reflect the following four-step process: Securing our border is the first step. As President Reagan said, "A nation without borders is not a nation." The second step is to decide, once and for all, to deny amnesty to people whose first act in the United States was a violation of the law by requiring all illegal immigrants to leave the country to get right with the law. The third step is to put in place a temporary worker program, without amnesty, that will establish "Ellis Island Centers" outside the country where private sector employment firms can match employers with willing temporary workers who pass a background check and learn English.
The point is that our presidents have no intention of enforcing the law. While I am against violence and while I am not advocating that we as law-abiding citizens break the law, I have to wonder to myself why our government expects us to follow the law when they clearly don't and don't intend to follow it. ~~~~~~~~~~~ A comment from Alohasteve (the link to your blog doesn't work, Steve): I have links up to both the Minutemen and the Border Fence Project on my homepage. Both organizations are actively building fences to protect the Southwest USA. Minutemen have 11 miles up so far and BFP has 3.0 miles up. Stop by and donate! [the Minuteman Border Fence Project - I added this one]


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