Friday, June 08, 2007

Senate's 'behind closed doors' grand bargainers

The following Senators along with John McCain should be removed from the Senate by the electorate when each of these illustrious "rulers" face the voting public next. These are the "grand bargainers" who seem to work in the dark of night so to speak scheming and plotting to undo Senate committee rules and to forge "bargains" to advance the end of our national sovereignty - or so it seems to me. The following list comes from The Grand Bargainers. The list is credited to Nicole Gaouettee, a staff writer for the L.A. Times. Her article, Senate coalition crosses borders, can be found here. The list is well-worth printing out and keeping pasted to your fridge so you can help defeat each of these "backroom" rats. It saddens me to have to include Saxby Chambliss for I had high hopes for him. I had high hopes for Lindsey Graham as well but those hopes were dashed when he entered the deals on judges. Republicans Saxby Chambliss (Ga.): An opponent of last year's immigration bill, Chambliss answered his front-office phones in May to explain the new legislation to angry callers. Lindsey Graham (S.C.): Booed by home-state crowds for his immigration stance, Graham is unrepentant. Critics of the bill, he says, "have an obligation to tell us what to do next." Johnny Isakson (Ga.): Isakson provided the key to talks with his idea of "triggers," security benchmarks that must be met before other reforms proceed. He says he explains the bill "on the plane, everywhere I go." Jon Kyl (Ariz.): The GOP's team leader won a hard-fought 2006 election in which he said voters demanded action on immigration. But critics abound. "I have learned some new words from my constituents," he said. Mel Martinez (Fla.): The Senate's sole immigrant, the Cuban-born Martinez was an essential link to Democrats early in the talks. Arlen Specter (Pa.): Specter, who helped write the 2006 bill, said of the new measure: "No matter what we craft, it's going to be attacked from the right and the left." and Democrats Richard J. Durbin (Ill.): The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Durbin has championed the Dream Act, which gives citizenship to illegal immigrant children. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.): The only Californian, Feinstein advocated tougher border security and a guest-worker program for farmers. She's known for her command of policy detail. Edward M. Kennedy (Mass.): A force on immigration for decades, the 75-year-old Kennedy is aiming to make this bill a part of his legacy. Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.): The chairman of the Judiciary Committee, which oversees immigration, Leahy has a keen interest in refugee and asylum issues. Ken Salazar (Colo.): The former rancher has been the team's peacemaker. "When people thought the talks would break apart, Ken would bring them back together," Martinez said. Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.): A key player in the 1986 immigration reform, now widely criticized as an "amnesty," Schumer has had a smaller role in shaping this bill. Note to Lindsey: This is what you do next after this little "time-killing" immigration bill boondoggle. We want you to get the idea across to the president that he has to follow the laws passed by Congress, as in implement them - which he is doing very well to our detriment I might add with NAFTA and the North American Union upon which none of us voted. If any president refuses to honor his oath of office - as in defend the nation against invasion, I expect you to talk with your democrat party colleagues in the house and help them draw up articles of impeachment; however, I know that would show you all up for the hypocrites most of you are - can't impeach yourselves, right? No, you can't, but: We, the people, can fire you! God willing, we will fire you for violating your oath as well!


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