Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!

Dear American friends and neighbors: Happy Birthday, July 4, 2006 Just a short time ago, our Founding Fathers signed a Declaration of Independence designed to remove us from the tyranny of Great Britain. The date was July 4, 1776. Remembering those brave men today, it is fitting to note that when they signed their names they were signing their death warrants had the King of England's forces been victorious. By standing together, they eventually became successful and did win the war for our independence. Today, on our birthday, our job is to celebrate today and then work tomorrow to keep the nation the Framers bestowed upon us. Fittingly, my daughter, my friend, Buddy-roo, and I visited the home of Thomas Jefferson just a week or so ago. It was heart-warming and uplifting to sit on the lawn at Monticello and later see Mr. Jefferson's bedroom/work room - The Cabinet - where minus the tools available to us today, he drafted letter after letter many of which have come down to us today. Today is our birthday and it is my day to begin to learn to "blog". On this day, we are to celebrate the birth of our nation. Not the democratization of the world - a lofty goal, but not one the Founders shared. Our job is to keep our nation as a free, sovereign nation with borders, a unifying, common language that ensures our mobility within our nation, and the American culture that is unique to each of us even as we celebrate our ethnic heritage. That ethnic heritage is part of our American culture, but only a part. It is the combination of a shared American history and heritage, a common language - English, and a defended national border called out several times in our Constitution as the primary job of our federal government. I humbly wish to thank all of the men and women who have served on our military forces and who in our early years worked behind the scenes to fight for our nation. Today is our celebration - Our Happy Birthday! Today is for celebration. Tomorrow is for working to keep the Constitution sound and for keeping the republic we were given. As our flag flies over our land reminding us of our brave men and women who have fought and are fighting still for the ideals that are America, the torch has been passed. Thank you to all the moms and dads who have sent their sons and daughters off to defend other nations' borders and national sovereignty. More on this and many topics later. Today is for CELEBRATION and fun with our American families and friends - you, the men and women and children who stand tall and keep our nation working. Happy Birthday, United States of America!


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