Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thank you, Ariel Sharon, for Gaza! Thanks to Bush for our burning borders

From my Left Coast Operative, we have the following: ~~~~~~~ Thank you, Gaza! Thank you for providing the perfect view of what happens when a stable democratic government (Israel) withdraws from an Islamic territory leaving it to the charitable devices of the religion of peace. Who has eyes to see? IRAQ! God must grow tired of playing in kindergarten! ~~~~~~~~~~~ I'd like to bring this just a tad closer to home - the US-Mexican border dominated by thugs with assault rifles, rocks, and now setting fires to distract our Border Patrol. We are now seeing for ourselves what happens when a theoretically democratic republic abandons its sovereignty and leaves its citizens to the mercy of illegals - Mexicans and Other than Mexicans as well. Maybe there is another reason beyond abandonment - maybe it is just as simple as this: the Department of Homeland Security simply cannot get the job done and the President has washed his hands of the issue, turning it over to an agency that can't do the job. In the meantime, our Border Patrol agents are maimed, killed, burned, and fired upon regularly and our Southern Border is a no-man's land as much as parts of Columbia have been ceded to the revolutionaries. I wonder what tune is being played on the fiddle as the White House folks watch us burn, our freedoms stripped away with the Read ID card and much more.


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