Monday, June 18, 2007

Illegals burning our borders

Jerry Seper is doing his job, and doing it well - again: Illegals using fire to clear border. When will our government protect our nation? When will our government defend the citizens who live along our southern border? When will our government meet its obligations to us, lawful citizens of the United States of America? This is no game. Our government has lost all credibility when it comes to securing our borders. It is really simple. Let's say we have 1,800 miles of southern border. We hire 600 contractors to build 3 miles of border fence each. Every contractor takes his crew and the materials, goes to the beginning of their respective 3 miles, and begins building the fence to specs. The contractors who come in under or on schedule get a bonus. But the entire fence would be built with sensors, et al, in three months. Gee, what a plan! Our senators and our president fiddle while Rome burns!


Blogger Douglas V. Gibbs said...

The laws of immigration are not being enforced, and they won't stop the bleeding. This is driving me nuts. But the thing is, as I've commented elsewhere too, this isn't about immigration anymore. Now it is about our sovereignty as a nation. The hopes of the Internationalists are to make North America like the EU, and this is just another puzzle in that.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thanks, Douglas. I agree - too bad we can't impeach and imprison all our elected folks and unelected who labor mightily for the demise of our nation and its sovereignty.

Love your logo, picture, by the way.

11:48 AM  

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