Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Christians safe in Gaza, if...

Here's a hat-tip to Jay Tuch at The American Israeli Patriot for his post: Christians warned to accept Islamic Law. Once again the "religion of peace" - you know we're going to be forced to stop calling Islam the "religion of peace" sooner or later because it just ain't - has put the word out to Christians in Gaza that they must accept Islamic Law if they want to live there peacefully. That's right, no spreading the message of the Gospels, no women running around unless they are fully covered, and harsh punishment for disobeying Islamic Law. Islam is not compatible with the principles of a democratic republic which is why we must be in Iraq and Afghanistan for strategic reasons. Both peoples voted for the institution of Islamic Law. So that's that - no democracy for them. They voted against democracy; even had a democratic vote to prove it. We do not need to exhibit a "messianic complex" in trying to "democratize" the world. We do need to take the fight to the Islamists instead of fighting it here in our streets. I just wonder how much longer we will keep that from happening here with all the "open borders" crowds, corporations, and foundations, not to mention La Raza and others working to undermine our principle of individualism and personal responsibility? Where is the ACLU in protectng the rights of Christians in Gaza? Protecting them from having to follow Islamic Law? Oh, I know, out trying to tear down crosses right here in America.


Blogger commoncents said...

Great site, keep it up!

Consider please adding a link to The Internet Radio Network. At the IRN you can listen for free to over 25 of America's top Talk Shows via Streaming Audio for FREE!


10:27 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thanks, Steve. Your link does not get back to a profile or a blog????

7:26 AM  

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