Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Border Security - US forests burn and Senate fans flames!

All right, so what is in a number? Not much in the Senate's presto-chango world. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, aka, the Amnesty Reward Bill for ALL illegal aliens who broken our laws and have gotten here somehow or who have overstayed their visas presumably has been changed from S. 1348 to S. 1639. Or so I heard on the radio just a few minutes ago. I could not find S. 1639 in the list of bills; however, so maybe it has not been introduced. The Amnesty Reward Bill rewards people who spit on our laws and flout their desire to overthrow our nation. And the law-breakers are getting support and cover from the White House "What Oath was that exactly?" folks who by supporting open borders are, in fact, supporting terrorists and their entry into our nation as well. So, if you are illegal, break our laws, trash our parks and forests, and drug our children - you got it - you get a free pass to citizenship. Oh, I know, you had to pay the coyote and, if you are a young girl or lady, had the pleasure of getting raped too and maybe beaten, but, hey, we're gonna slap a few fines on you and give you citizenship. And, unlike Mexico, we are a nation of laws! Whoa, boy, howdy! Well, I say let's fight the "war on drugs" the same way. Legalize all the drugs not outlawed and presto-chango, no drug war. Of course, that would put a lot of folks out of work, not the least of which would be our DEA among others. Plenty of great reading in the Washington Times today on this issue and guess what, Hispanic and Black organizations are opposed to the Immigration Reform Act too. Yippee! Minorities push illegals fight - Hispanic as well as black groups fight against amnesty for illegals aliens. The wobbly Republicans. Senator Lindsey Gramnesty calls all 70 to 80% of the American population (citicens) who do not support this amnesty criminal bill "nativist bigots." He does not deserve to serve in the Senate but then a number of the Senators don't. Click on Garner's cartoon for today too. To quote: "What about America? As you read this, illegals have been setting fire to our pristine national forest along the US-Mexican border to divert the attention of our border agents so that illegals and drug cartels can walk across our borders. Where are our U.S. Military? Our national guard? In Iraq, saving ans protecting the people of Iraq. Well, what about America? Where is our congress? Our honeland security? Our president?...Sitting on their asses!" [And I'll add flipping us off!] Journey into Islam by Tony Blankley. I have included this editorial because it is directly related to the subject of illegal aliens. At least 50% of the illegal aliens are coming from Islamic nations and these folks are not coming here to pick avocadoes. Now here is a solution that I did not think of so cannot claim it but it is good: We have crocodiles bothering folks in Florida. We have levies we need to shore-up in New Orleans. We have an invasion going on along our southern border. Solution: Dig a large trench along our border; move the dirt to New Orleans; and send the crocodiles to the large river/trench to protect our border. And my addition, make the entire border a natural wild game preserve. Ah, American ingenuity - would that our Senators were so clear thinking.


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