Sunday, February 11, 2007

Undefended US Border - accident or planned erosion of our nation's sovereignty

Just one little thought - why in the world should any President of the United States of America refuse to defend the US border and refuse to defend the nation from the current invasion, creating a mythically unsolvable problem by increasing the illegals each and every day - hey, ya can't deport 'em all, right? Wrong! Cut off the services. Answer, to create jobs, silly: Homeland Security, the TSA, and others are "growth" industries. The hottest thing going is defending the security of the nation, right? So, defend the border between Iraq and Syria with US troops and send the National Guard to our very own border without loaded guns. Don't get me wrong - I think we need to fight terrorists but not with one hand while we are holding open the door to the south with the other. Who in the world would actually defend our border in compliance with the, oh, say, Oath of Office when driving the illegals in by the bus load creates the need for more money to be spent on "security"? And just how much will the Read ID cost all we legal American citizens? Do you have a copy of your birth certificate handy? Show me your papers? Heard that lately. And in the process, destroy the local infrastructure of the nation's towns and cities whose citizens pay taxes for services that are going to the illegals. But, hey, I've given up on this issue. I know treasonous behavior when I see it. I read of it when Hanoi Jane went to North Vietnam and when Billy-Bob marched against the US on foreign soil during the Vietnam War. Anyone seen it lately? Just askin'. And if all that doesn't work, just have a little meeting with Paul Martin and Vicente Fox and create the Security and Prosperity Partnership (a treaty by any name never seen by the Senate) so we can build a super highway from Mexico to Canada cutting right through the United States and controlled by Mexico. [look up SPP - - yep, and you get to pay for that too. Any questions? Yes, just one but I don't think I have the "freedom of speech" to ask it.] What the heck is going on? Are we all asleep?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

eyes wide open..we just don't(will not) see! hurts too bad.. easier to look away! glad your eyes can see and you have the nerve to speak the truth!

10:26 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you. We should be keeping a tighter check on our federal / public schools that the leadership of the NEA are ruining. Have been a teacher and know how those good folk work. I['m very sorry the teachers have subjected themselves to becoming union workers.

But is it all of the same piece to me. Drop by again, thanks.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can feel your frustration because I am there with you. It's crazy. I haven't seen any major changes in our border status.

It makes me almost WANT the US to have a serious attack, as to wake our government up.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Good morning, Steve. Are you going to Red House? I don't think I can go - in recovery. The flu really brutalizes me.

Don't worry - we will be hit again and that will be the excuse to tighten down farther on legal American citizens. I need to do a post on Homeland Security (ha ha - imunize a drug smuggler to prosecute two Border Patrol agents - the gov. makes me sick).

I really need to do research on how many "new" jobs have been created - federal or contract jobs - in the newest growth industry in this new century. I also need to do a post on how we (the nation) have been sold and much is smoke and mirrors - has to be when China holds most of the paper on us. I have always defended and supported our President on most issues. The places where I draw the line are: his abject failure to secure our borders, failure to deport illegals in large numbers, his refusal to allow cities to protect themselves and their citizens from the rape of their goods and services, the allowing of illegal aliens to attend our "government" schools.

The refusal to allow our National Guard to engage the Mexican military when their units cross our borders - the SPP agreement which cut the Senate out of the picture by calling it a partnership and not a treaty which it is - the building of the super highway running from Mexico right through our nation to Canada with the first check point in Kansas City - all to be controlled by Mexico.

Prosecuting the Border Patrol agents clearly sends the message to the rest of the agents - do your job and you'll be sorry - just cash your check and put on blinders.

I think the Cochise County silde-show tells it well, that our nation is just a commodity, just real estate to be sold - There is a Republican Congressman from CA, Dana R something and he has said something to the effect that if those two border patrol agents are not pardoned, and if they are injured one more time, he will consider impeachment as an option to take our nation back. He'd have 75% of the nation with him.

All I can say right now is, "I don't want no stinkin' MBA" running this country - never again. I am so disappointed in the President for just turning his face away from the part of the Constitution that says defend against foreign "invasion".

Should we make reservations for June now? Send me the info here - I won't publish it.

This flu has really beat me up. [I'm on Senator Webb's case about a few things. Not mean - I just want to know where he stands. It's always a good thing for Senators to hear from their constituents.]

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right now there is nothing more important than the attendance of that protest in DC on March 17th.

I may have forgotten about red house, send me the date and time and place?

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Webb's responses to all of my letters were canned. Good luck!

10:12 AM  

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