Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nazanin - Is her plight the face of Islam?

When I first heard of Nazanin's plight, since a woman is valued as 1/2 a person under Islamic Law, I wondered how the family of the man [who was killed by Nazanin in self-defense as this man and two others were trying to rape her and her female relative] would actually see justice as being served unless the Ayatolla randomly selected another woman to be executed as well. Under Islamic law, men are whole persons after all - regardless of whether or not they rape or set out to rape young women. How can a nation-state be taken seriously or given respect among nations in the 21st Century when that nation-state adheres to such archaic and brutal "laws", when a young woman defending herself against rape is the one on death row, the one to be hanged? What happened to the other two men who were attacking her? Anything? Nothing? Nazanin is a beautiful young woman, age 18 now, and she will have a trial on January 10th when she is expected to be sentenced to hang. Other women are in Iranian jails waiting to be stoned. But, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Nazanin is damned if she defends herself and she is damned, as in shamed and ruined, if she is raped. Women don't seem to have much of a chance in Iran or in any nation under Sharia Law - under Islam. It is quite strange - the dichotomy between the existing law in the United States and the Islamic Law in Iran. In the United States our moonbat liberal leaders rail on against the death penalty even for hardened murderers. The brutal killer could have killed ten people yet his wretched life is viewed as worth more than the lives of the people he killed. His victims in essence become 1/10 of a person but they are dead and of no consequence. But in Iran, a young woman - 1/2 a person, beautiful and young - may well be executed because she defended herself and her female relative against rapists. I understand that a woman's word in court is only worth 1/2 the word of a man but surely the young men with Nazanin and her relative could speak up for the young woman. Or does it matter in Iran? Three men were attacking her; hardly an equal fight. Self-defense is a human right, except for women in Iran or other Islamic nations it seems. Is that the law we want in Western nations? Do we want to relegate our women to such barbaric men? Is what is happening to Nazanin the true face of Islam? Is this what we are fighting for in Iraq? This brutality against innocent women defending themselves. Here are several links you may find useful: Petition, Fate of Nazanin, Save Nazanin - News, and BodogTV. A search will lead you to other resources and other help you can give to Nazanin. Where is our newly installed Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison on this issue? Does he stand for equal justice for all or does he stand with Islamic Law? Has Congressman Ellison spoken out on behalf of Nazanin? Perhaps someone should ask?


Blogger felix said...

It is very important to resist the imposition of Sahria law, for example in the case of the Somali Taxi drivers in Minneapolis who refuse to take passengers who carry package liquor. Here is another example I am working on:
Ban the Veil (and all public mask wearing)

7:47 PM  
Blogger MathewK said...

You'll notice in the last few days there have been calls from around the world to ban the death penalty, only because Saddam died the way he lived.

Funny that its liberals in the US pushing for talks with Iran, trying to accomodate their demands i suppose.

Talking to them gives them legitimacy, especially since Ahmadinejad got a bit of a licking in recent city council elections.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Crusader Bunny - good to hear from you as always. Must get over and do some reading at A Western Heart. Headed there now.

6:07 PM  

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