Sunday, January 07, 2007

CAIR and Nazanin?

Where does CAIR - the Council on American Islamic Relations - that always strikes me as a peculiar go-between sort of implication - stand on the fate of Nazanin? Do they support her execution for self-defense? CAIR has followed a tried and true playbook of victimhood and porports to be for Muslim civil rights in America? Please... The only folks who need a "civil rights" advocacy group in the United States today are white males. That being said, does CAIR stand for this young woman's right to self-defense? Why isn't CAIR in Iran working to defend this young woman? Just a question. Anyone have an answer, aside from being flip! I need to understand this. Or maybe is it because women don't have "rights" in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Makes one wonder why CAIR is so worried about "civil rights" in America for Muslims.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could try and email CAIR, or better yet, give them a call and ask.

Meanwhile, this is a speculative point for Andy Whitehead to ponder. I am passing this to him now.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I think I'll let them find me as I led with CAIR as the key word in any search....

1:51 PM  

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