Friday, November 17, 2006

Romania's honor will hold firm says President Basescu

Had a chance to wrench myself away from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead and headed to my local breakfast place where reading papers, talking politics, and eating mighty find food are the order of the day. It's a great place - we know each other, our work, our families, our joys, and sometimes our disappointments. In my readings, I found the following article: Coalition forces are dwindling as U.S. mulls next move in Iraq, by David R. Sands. Let's remember that the War in Iraq is a United Nations' mission and we all know the UN's track record. But.. It seems like the coalition of the willing are getting a little skiddish due to our recent elections and the seeming take-over of the United States government by the "cut and run" Democrat leadership. I have heard Republican leadership say that there is no way funding will be cut to our troops and no way we will desert the people of Iraq.
Twenty-three countries remain in the U.S.-led coalition and the United Nations' mission serving in and around Iraq, down from a high of 42 that joined the United States in the invasion or the postwar occupation of Iraq. More than half of those contributors have fewer than 150 troops, engineers or military trainers in the Iraq theater. Like President Bush, many leaders of the contributing countries are resisting intense domestic political pressures to bring the troops home, especially as the casualty levels rise and the problems of the embattled Iraqi government mount.
But here is the part that impressed me and I said, go get 'em Romania. Should we be looking to "redeploy" troops and Yankee dollars to Eastern Europe? Perhaps the time is nigh - as in today.
Some countries in the Iraq coalition say they are holding firm, despite the political pressures. Romanian President Traian Basescu told the Associated Press last week that his country's 600 noncombat troops will stay, despite pleas from the families with relatives serving there. "Romania's honor is greater than its feelings," he said.
Let's hear it for Romanian President Traian Basescu and the honor of Romania. Let's hope the Romanian people will understand the importance of standing by the people of Iraq.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we use some of that money that we keep giving to countries that hate us and give it to Romania instead? I realise that it is too much to ask for our government to just give the money back to us so that we can spend it as we see fit.

Regardless, I need to start searching for products manufactured in Romania. Nothing like a little capitalism to show you care.

Though, maybe we should all buy something made in Romania AND send their Consulate a short note explaining why. Just a thought.

4:07 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

The call to the Romanian Embassy or Consulate to find out what products they have that are sold here is a great idea. Shall do on Monday. Plus a little thank you to them to pass on to their president. Good plan.

8:46 AM  

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