Saturday, November 18, 2006

Of Veils, Same-sex Indoctrination Training, and more

The following are a few suggested readings on this, for me, an otherwise slow blogging day. Dutch consider prohibition of Muslim veil by Mike Corder
Good on ya, but consider the effort as one dealing with national security - not an issue of religion. The veils and the full-blown (excuse the pun) burqa can provide cover for jihadists whom we know hide behind their chattel at every turn. The veil and the burqa are security issues and need to be addressed as such. At another level, they represent the state of women as second class citizens or lower. Let me put it this way. If American military women have to wear burqas in Saudi Arabia - it is the law, then you are well within your national security rights to outlaw veils and burqas in your nation - period.
Penguin book stirs Illinois schools
First it's Daddy's Roommate, next it's Heather has Two Mommies, and now, it's penguin love and the abuse of an innocent icon - the beloved Penguin. I'm not sure it is "truth in advertizing". Do penguins in nature mate with same-sex penguins? Good grief! What next, Mickey (Mouse) and Marmaduke? Puhlezze don't force indoctrination upon our children. They'll grow up soon enough. As an aside, I'm not sure the same-sex couples "indoctrination" will go over very well with parents of Muslim children in the United States. Whatta ya think?
Europe eyes Mideast Peace by Joshua Mitnick
Israelis be warned. Any "peacekeeing" force from Europe placed in the Palestinian Authority will be there to make it more difficult for you to retaliate against Hamas incursions and rocket attacks. The European "peacekeepers" will be the shield protecting Hamas.
Pullout or Bloodbath? by John Hall
As with the slaughter of innocent South Vietnamese 30 years ago, if the Demhicrats (the same bunch who brought about that defeat) are successful in withdrawing our brave troops from Iraq in "defeat and disgrace" (a liberal mantra), the blood of the slaughtered Iraqis will be on the hands of these Demhicrats. Like Lady MacBeth, we can only hope the "blood on their hands" drives the demhicrats over the edge into the butterfly nets where they are safer from themselves and we are safer too. Let's watch this over the next few months.
We have some news watching to do, don't we? Have a peaceful day. Stay safe.


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What next, the baby seals? [A regular visitor said he couldn't leave comments - received an error message. So, just testing.]

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