Thursday, March 29, 2007

Islamophobia - NOT!

Allow me make a correction from a post I entered yesterday when I mentioned "Islamophobia". The DOJ is meeting today to discuss US-Muslim relations in Kansas City, MO. One topic is how to stop so-called "islamophobia". You know, Animal Farm's or 1984's hate speech or some animals are superior to other animals - an oft-sung theme we are working through here in The United States of America - just in time for the North American Union. Back to, back to... The word islamophobia implies a "fear" like the fear of spiders, etc. There is a distinct difference between "fear" and being sick and tired of worn out methods that are used by the Islamists to "bring us down". How about islamaversion or islamapugnance instead? We have freedom of religion in the United States; mosques are popping up all over the place. I will not allow myself even to think that "all" Muslims living within the United States of America want to kill all non-Muslims. However, Western tolerance seems to be a one-way street. On that point, I have to ask, "How many churches have been built in Saudi Arabia, as one example, since 9/11/2001?" Perhaps what we should really be discussing is "Christophobia" which is alive and well in Europe and within the United States of America. But, fear of islam (islamophobia) - not be a long shot. As the script writer wrote for the Closer, "Deputy Director, you have nothing to fear from Allah." The Deputy Director replies, "Oh, I know that. I do not fear Allah, Mr. Mammud. It's you and those like you that I have cause to fear." [I paraphrased but you get the point.]


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