Monday, February 09, 2009

Islamic jihadists end "free speech"

Here's an editorial you should read if you are concerned about freedom of speech and if you are concerned about the "war" to defend Christians and others from radical Islamic fundamentalists. Nat Hentoff has a great, informative, editorial today in the Washington Times - one we need to keep in mind. It is titled The cost of criticizing jihadists. The long and short of it is that Geert Wilders in the Netherlands "is facing a prison term there for 'insulting' Muslims." Boys and girls, it is the offended Muslim who gets to determine the offense. What is so interesting about the Islamic jihadists ploy is that they first commit some offense - kill 3,000 people for example, blow up a night club in Bali, tear apart Bombay, etc - and then scream to the high hills that they have been "offended" when someone calls attention to their action(s). As Hentoff points out, the "non-binding" UN resolution sponsored by the 57 member nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The only "religion" mentioned deserving of special protection was Islam. Still and all, to many, Islam is not a religion - viewpoints differ of course. Okay - so where is our Organization for the Protection of Freedoms Alliance. What bothers me the most about all this is that I suspect one day Mad Jad or someone like him will pull the trigger and we will have to retaliate in ways we would rather not contemplate. But remember, some of these folks see "talks" as weakness and use the time to prepare to kill us. Our president can sip tea with anyone with whom he desires but nothing comes from that except giving the jihadists more time to prepare. Anyone what to place a bet that Hezbollah is stronger in Lebanon now under UN peace keepers than it was when the Israelis and Hezbollah had their month-long dust up a few years ago? To the seekers of world domination, tea and talk = more time to plot, scheme, and gear-up for the next "attack" against the infidel.

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