Friday, June 22, 2007

Multiculturalism - host nation's citizens are forced to adapt

We are experiencing an interesting phenomena today in Western nations. It is probably no surprise but we "ugly" Americans the ones called "imperialists" are not sending hoards of our people to take-over and to settle in Middle Eastern nations. The "imperialism" is coming from Mexico sending hoards of uneducated citizens to America with no regard for our laws and from Middle Eastern nations and Indonesia under the name of the "Islamic Caliphate" - designed to turn Europe into Islamarope. Western nations of Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and the United States are being used as dumping pots from third world nations and, unlike times in years gone bye when immigrants waited at Ellis Island and then assimilated and adapted to the "host" nation all seeking a better life, everything is topsy-turvy with the "host" peoples having to adapt: change their language or push a number on their telephones to get the announcement in the nation's native language; remove their crucifixes to accommodate the Muslim "guests"; and set up foot washing stations - some at taxpayers' expense; or face law suits for expecting people to live by the laws of a civilized society and not whine like pathetic self-made victims. I am working on several issues at the moment: one is completing my thesis on "Apartheid in 21st Century America" which is probably going to become several parts (first posted in May 2007); two is addressing Mikko Ellilä's thesis on Society Consists of People; and three is completing a look at CAIR's legal strategy in helping the so-called Flying Imams sue the airlines and the passengers for calling attention to the imams' self-inflicted and self-created questionable behavior. If you have not read the following, I encourage you to take a look: PRODOS at PRODOS blog Mikko Ellilä at Mikko's blog Lot at Laiva on täynnä: Multicultural madness in Finland. And for the brave who want to see a post that I'm sure was painstakingly long in producing and well-researched, PRODOS has given us Are Blacks genetically LOWER in intelligence and HIGHER in psycopathy than Whites?. Mikko Ellilä, Lot, and PRODOS are in the midst of a discussion about multiculturalism and other assorted but related topics. They are having discussions we need to have in America and some would say that we have talked these issues to death but not so. If we had had a national debate on the issue of "multiculturalism" and what is becoming the 'balkanization" of sections of America, we would be addressing the illegal aliens and security of our border in much more rational and reasonable ways. See the Justice Department's data at Bureau of Justice. You can also search on Crime Statistics in America. No nation can expect others to respect it or its laws if it won't even enforce its own laws for the sake of its very survival.


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