Friday, June 22, 2007

Honor Killings in the name of Islam?

I have a question and it is not rhetorical nor is it to be construed as anything other than an honest question. How can a family murder or kill their young daughter when she has been raped and thereby "restore" honor to the family? Wouldn't more honor be restored if the men in the family rounded up the rapist(s) and turned them over to the women to be stoned? Wouldn't killing the rapist(s) restore honor to the family and to the young girl? I mean, if someone has to be killed to "restore" honor, then why not stone the rapist? Not the girl who happened to suffer the rape. Why not defend her and restore her honor by finding the rapist and bringing him or them to trial for punishment? What would have happened to Nazanin in Iran if she had been raped and managed to kill her rapist as well? What would have happened had she just been raped and the rapists had been let off, not even identified? She would not have come to trial and she would have ended up killed by her own family. Where is the honor in that? Isn't it better to restore honor by prosecuting the rapist?


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