Friday, February 23, 2007

Lionheart says pen more mighty than sword

Lionheart says pen more mighty than sword. Perhaps that is true but today the pen and the laws of Western Civilization, a "civilized" culture, are being used to destroy that culture. The attacker, a primitive culture and political ideology dressed up as a religion that enslaves women and treats all other peoples and true religions as subhuman and inferior. It is said that the greatest trick the devil pulled off was to make man believe that the devil did not exist. We are seeing the existence of evil today and that evil is on the march. That evil is Islamic Imperialism - the leaders believe "their time for world dominance" has arrived and they will see it through. The West lives in a state of denial believing that the "devil" doesn't exist even as the West kills its unborn babies - those who would defend the West had they been allowed to breathe the breath of life. We in the West worship at the feet of Babel. We are destroying ourselves and mocking the values and the Judeo/Christian culture that gave us life. What will wake us up? Another or worse 9/11. More bombings in Spain, in London. Why do you think these acts have not occurred? Easy - the Islamists are getting what they want through mocking our laws. The primitive "society" will win unless the "civilized" culture comes to its senses. We cannot "make friends" or engage in reasoned debate with those whose only goal is to destroy us using any lies and any means possible. We cannot negotiate with Islamists; their Qur'an tells them to lie to the infidel and not to befriend the infidel; not to engage in assimilation into the infidel's ways. The imams scream it from the lecturns in the mosques. And yet Western "leaders" in whom we have put our trust betray us at seemingly every turn. A new blogger, Lionheart at Lionheart stopped at my blog a few days ago and I want to mention him hear. He is right that Islam is out to dominate the world and to destroy our Western Civilization and culture. The tool that the Islamic leaders are using is our tolerance and our generosity. We must not allow these Islamic leaders filled with hatred and lust for our destruction to become successful. I urge you to take a look at Lionheart's blog. And also to read an early post that Lionheart referred to me, Knights Templar - 21st Century Christian Crusaders. The prophet said, and I paraphrase here, "convert them, tax them, or kill them by the sword." Just a question here, but how willing are you to believe that today's Muslims don't believe that directive - and when faced with a choice, where does the so-called moderate Muslim stand today - with saving the life of the infidel or condoning the "radical" Islamist covering his face with a mask as he saws away at the neck of a man bound with his hands tied behind his back. If you tried to believe that you were a "moderate" Muslim, where would you stand when the masked Muslim with the sword says, "We know where you live. If you side with the infidel, we will come for you and your family next."?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lionheart's blog is outstanding. He's been mentioned in the past by a few other bloggers. I wish him well.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

Lionheart has a good blog. I linked to it a while ago.

Your last point about moderate Muslims is an interesting one. The violent, totalitarian radicals label them apostate or takfir -- in many ways, they are in more danger than we.

Many of them keep silent for the same reason many of us keep silent (except in the relative anonymity of cyberspace) -- the jihadis know where we live.

Gotham City and the Overcast of Evil

4:07 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, Yankee Doodle - they keep silent as we do. But their silence is what will allow the radicals any success at all. I believe all we can do is fight the outward threats of the Islamists from without the ideology. It is the apostates or takfir - and only they who must fight the battle from within if they are to "save" the "moderates" who follow them and if they are to save "the world" from sure conflagration. I do not fear the taunting of the Islamists. What I fear is the response to the acts of terror which will continue creating a "backlash" to those men and women who are "innocents" - the Hindus and others who Americans cannot tell apart from the militant muslims.

They scream and cry for the destruction of America - they do that in mosques within the US. They are a clear and present danger to our way of life. I fear the repurcusions of their actions and their words.

Islam is due for a reformation - better sooner than later.

8:32 AM  
Blogger evilislam said...

Every westerners need to watch the masterpiece by Robert Spencer and some other TRUE experts of Evil Islam called: ISLAM WHAT THE WEST NEEDS TO KNOW.
In order why the september 11 happened and why Islam is EVIL?

8:48 PM  

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