Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hail to the New Commander and Chief Pelosi

Okay, I admit, I've been sick for way to long now but the vote in the House of Representatives yesterday with a total of 242 tails between their legs democrats including 17 Republicans really has to give new meaning to the words - aiding and abetting the enemy. Our new Commander in Chief Nancy - say it isn't so Benedict Arnold - Pelosi and her new Chief of Staff for the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Murtha, just should be ashamed of themselves. If they could just pull their collective heads out of their collectives asses long enough to give our elected Commander in Chief and our military men and women in uniform (Boots on the Ground) support - verbally so that the enemy would know we speak as one united country, what miracles we could accomplish. Nance could get up there and say, "Okay, look, we didn't support this war but we are in it and we'll support this troop surge and we'll support the President so you Islamofacists just get out of Iraq; Iran keep your men and weapons out of Iraq - we're in this thing in direct SUPPORT of our men and women in uniform." We'd bring our troops home in victory and the democrats' constitutency wouldn't remember what she said two years hence. Remember - Americans love victory! So let's give it to them! Of course, Hanoi Jane straddled North Vietnamese tanks and Billy-Bob Clinton loathed the US military (in his words) but they both had merciful and like-minded politicians at home. I would have been for executing the traitors - ie, those who march and protest against our nation during war time on foreign soil and that would have spared us Hillary (she who has proved that a mediocre woman can't make it to the top unless on the coattails of any philandering man) and political correctness, and the anti-white racism they "love" so well along with the anti-Christianity they love - his Bible you could read the cover of three blocks away not with standing. Nance and company are trying to re-write by a thousand cuts the US Constitution - what is remaining of it anyway regarding the duties of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. And they just aren't qualified. Nance supports the troops but not their mission AND she wants a bigger plane (at our expense) to keep her safe. Give me a break. She has it wrong. No self-respecting jihadist would want to cause her and her minions harm. She and her cohorts are providing aid and support for the Islamists. The Islamists love Nance and friends. The Islamists may be many things but stupid doesn't seem to be one of them. Would you cut off the hand that is supporting you? Not likely, at least not until you had a mosque on every corner and an "al Sadr and Abdul's Ready-to-wear Burkas" in every shopping mall. True American patriots can agree to disagree but in time of war, our elected leaders should at least have the stones to stand for the troops AND their mission. Why do you think this has all dragged out so long? So, I call on the new Commander in Chief to step up to the mike and say, "Our troops have our support; we'll give them all they need to get the job done in Iraq so that the Iraqis have a chance." I won't go into my normal tirade of the opening of our nation to illegal aliens who have more rights than native-born Americans - I'll just leave you with this. I would appreciate Nancy Pelosi and her comrades just once saying, "Let's kick ass and get the job done in Iraq. Let's support the President of the United States and I'll start by using my own plane to get me back and forth from San Francisco to Washington, D.C." How can our people be successful when the democrats fight them (our military) every step of the way just because the dems hate our President? Where are the Statesmen? Stripped, clipped, and castrated! Our young boys drugged in elementary school. Thank you, feminists! Just try to remember where you'd be in an Islamist America. Just for six months, Nance - show some true leadership, roll up your sleeves and stand with the President and our Generals and our troops (they volunteered you know). Just once, give our troops a chance and stop aiding the enemy. Can you do it? Can you be a leader, a stateswoman? We need a Churchill with clarity of vision. Come on, Nance - gird your loins and set your hatred of our President aside. You have the power. Let's see what you do with it. We're beginning to see a snipet and it ain't a pretty sight. But you can change that, Nancy. Do you have it in you to be the Margaret Thatcher of our times? Or are you going to be just like a woman who once reputedly said, "Let them eat cake." and say, "I want my own 500 ft long stinkin' plane" in one of those "women who have penis envy" kinda things? What are you made of, Nancy? Sterner stuff? Are you a stateswoman or just another whiny witch with a bit of power?


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen!

The Honorable Speaker is only two heartbeats away from the Oval Office! Let's hope Salami Bin Alladin doesn't get lucky!!

By the way: Bush gets some legitimate blame here, too. In the country these days, the President needs to keep military operations non-protracted if at all possible, and if it's not going that way, he really needs to keep on top of the ideological war on the homefront. He hasn't done that as well as needed.

In other developments, for six years he had a Republican Congress. Remember, he campaigned in 2000 regarding domestic issues. 9/11 happened, and was in no way his fault; he had to refocus, and he did. But, he could have come back to his domestic agenda, and he didn't. He should have hammered home some real tax reform, and dealt with other domestic issues as well (school vouchers? immigration?). This would have left Americans less dissatisfied with things, perhaps even happy with their Republican leadership, and he wouldn't now be dealing with "Speaker Pelosi". It's all related.

And, I only feel sorry for President Bush to a point; let's remember that he volunteered for his job, too!

Final comment: Instead of a plane to get Speaker Pelosi back and forth, let's get her a giant tortoise. Maybe by the time it gets her out of California, the Republicans will hold Congress again! :)

1:55 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, so much Yankee! I like the tortoise idea.

You know I was being generous to Nancy but she still could come through.

Yes, President Bush has had some challenges. I love our military and would like to see them have a united front from our leadership just for a bit.

I'm so glad you left a comment. I just can't seem to shake this flu I have had now since Jan. 10th. It felt good to actually write a post.

So glad you commented.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

I'm glad you're back on-line. I'll keep you in my prayers about your flu.

Speaking of our political leadership, didn't Slick Willie vow to get a rifle and defend Israel some time back? Now, let's see... where was he last summer...?

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Pelosi, I'd offer the term "split-tail" but that's being too cheauvanistic.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thaqnk you, Yankee. I'm on the way over the flu now. I can feel it.

Steve, my friend, for Ms. Pelosi, maybe "forked tongue" would be applicable too. You would never be a chauvinist. You are always right.

12:15 AM  

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