Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fox News - Radical Islam: Terror in its own words

Yesterday, 2/10/2007, I was and am still in process of trying to recover from this "kick-my-ass" flu that has wiped up half of the North American continent with me. What did I happen upon? A great special by E.D. Hill on Fox News. If you have a chance to see the news cast: Radical Islam: Terror in its own words, please watch it. They can't run it often enough. We all need to understand that we are fighting the "Hitler Youth" of yesteryear. Only today, they are called Muslims or radical Islamists. Either way, if you are non-Muslim, you get killed. I can't quibble about the moderate vs radical Muslim thing. That's for the "moderate" Muslims to sort out and if they are afraid, sorry - nothing we gringos can do about that. We get blamed for every @#$%#&* thing, I'm not taking that one on which is why I ask, "What the heck are we doing "brokering" peace between the PLO and the Israelis?" The Qur'an says kill the infidel - that's pretty clear. Thank you for your patience as I go about being beat up by this flu. I think it has had about all the fun it wants to have with me and I should be released soon to join you once again on the internet. [The address for E.D.Hill on this special is]


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