Monday, January 01, 2007

Muslim Hospital workers violate medical procedures - could risk patients' lives?

On a different issue from Stuck Mojo vs CAIR but staying with the theme of "I practice Islam and I'm in your face", from Atlas Shrugs, UK Muslims: Dirty Hands in Hospitals Yech! UK Muslims: Dirty Hands in Hospitals Yech!. From Atlas Shrugs, "So now British Muslims refuse to disinfect and wash their hands in British hospitals. My response? FIRE THEM! What dhimmitude! Compromising the health of the hospital patients in yet another power play." Also find info at UK Muslims refuse to watch hands in hospitals. "British Muslims are refusing to wash their hands with required anti-bacterial disinfectant gels. The Muslims are protesting the practice on religious grounds, as the gels contain alcohol." One woman's opinion here but MDs and other hospital workers refusing to wash their hands in alcohol antiseptic gel before surgery or before entering a patient's room as in England constitutes malpractice and should result in immediate removal of their license to practice medicine. What say you on that one? I'd say, you are a Muslim MD or worker in a hospital; you refuse to disinfect your hands before surgery ro before entering a patient's room; you ain't operatin' on me, baby! No way; no how. So what does this brouhaha in England do for good Muslim doctors and other Muslim hospital workers practicing in the United States? It makes them suspect. Give me a break! The tactics of CAIR and others and the shennigans of the UK Muslim hospital workers is not doing general Muslims and/or Muslim MDs or hospital workers any favors. These episodes like the taxi drivers and the imams in the airports are demonstrating one thing clearly - to me at least - "We're Muslims; we're better than you are; and we can do what we want, your laws and certifications and licenses be damned." I have to believe that these attitudes and behaviors are not universal to professional Muslims but these "news makers" are not helping a tone of tolerance and respect for host nations. No siree!!!


Blogger felix said...

I think it refers to visitors, not physicians.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Could be. I'll check on it. Thanks.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Felix, articles referenced Muslim hospital workers. Thank you, Beach Girl

8:59 AM  

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