Thursday, January 04, 2007

HR 288 and the repeal of Freedom of Speech in America

No one can write upon the subject of the repeal of the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech any more thoroughly or eloquently than Baron Bodissey at the Gates of Vienna in his most recent post Free to say what?. In "Free to say what?" the Baron includes the wording of HR 288 which turns the book Animal Farm on its ear; reduces our genuine efforts at "civil rights" into mockery; and spits on the grave and the efforts of Martin Luther King Jr. when he worked for the rights of "equal opportunity." CAIR has co-opted Dr. King's efforts and has turned all Muslims into victims. CAIR, working with John Conyers and his fellow travelers has been busy softening up Americans so that, as a nation, we are nearly powerless to protect our nation's freedoms, the US Constitution, not to mention the litany of other things being shredded such as the notion of a "sovereign" nation. HR 288 must be defeated. We thought the McCain-Fiengold Campaign Reform attack on our freedom of expression (during political seasons) would be struck down by the Men-in-Black but it was upheld. Are you willing to risk your freedom of speech upon the will of 9 souls in black robes? Read the Baron's post, read HR 288, and defeat it. While I can still say it, let me mention that the Islamists want to dominate the world. The institutionalization of "hate speech" laws and the inability to further discuss openly and freely the issues of our day will be the straw that broke America. Political correctness - laughable on its face, but damning in its implementation - has set the stage. Speak out and speak freely while you can. Islamists and radical imams can burn the American flag in the streets of New York City; hatred can be preached from the mosques; Jewish ladies can be attacked and killed/injured by a fanatical Muslim on his way home from a Friday night at a mosque in Seattle. Protect the freedom of speech we all have. We must be free to discuss openly the plans and schemes of those who wish to silence us and to institute Sharia Law. Please, do not allow John Conyers, the CAIR front-man, get away with destroying our most precious freedom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HR 288 also threatens bloggers, too.

As for me being threatened? They can fire away, for the day that I violate this HR, if it passes into law, is the day that I become an anarchist and a radical doing much more than just blogging, and I kid you not.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, this threatens talk radio, etc. It moves us one step closer to Sharia Law. We are so woefully uneducated in this nation it is a crying shame. A friend's daughter is in Germany now and she says Germany has been taken over by the Turks.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that it may just move us much more than just one step closer. By singling out Islam in the bill, it effectively negates any prosecution of the so called "hate speech" that is found in the holy books of that religion. However, it does not necessarilly extend such safeguards to the writings of any other religion.
Thus allowing CAIR, etc... to utilise such legislative weapons to ban and censor many of the writings of other religions. Not to mention the number of historical references.

I hope we can find a non-violent way to deal with the people pushing this agenda. Otherwise, it is looking as if the only solution is the old way with fire and sword, or their modern equivalents.

I grieve for the beauty that will be lost, as well as all of the other collateral damage. Hopefully whatever takes the place of the Inquisition will not lump all non-christians in with muslims.


1:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belgium is the same way with the Moroccans.

8:55 AM  

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