Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hazleton, PA undefended by US Government

The City of Hazleton, PA is under attack by de facto Mexican forces as thousands of Mexican illegal aliens have invaded the city, increased crime and depleted the city's medical and other services paid for by legal American citizen-tax payers. Where is the United States Federal Government in protecting this American city? AWOL. The federal government whose elected officials have sworn to uphold the US Constitution and defend us from invasions are spitting in the face of Hazleton citizens as well as citizens across these United States as city and town after town have crumbled under the hammer and sickle of the ACLU. First, if you want to help the American citizens of Hazelton, PA in their struggle to save their town, the address for snail mail is: City of Hazleton Legal Defense Fund c/o Mayor Lou Barletta City Hall 40 North Church Street Hazleton, PA 18201 Citites and town in the West and the Southwest have been decimated, destroyed, ruined by the massive invasion and yet our government - the one you put your trust in to protect us - sits back on its heels on the Hill and watches Rome burn. Here are a few links that will give you more information: At the Gates of Vienna, Dymphna posts: It's David and Goliath Time in Hazelton, PA At Blowing San #1, Subvet writes: Gates of Vienna: It's David and Goliath Time in Hazelton. I'm with Subvet here when he says that to permit this invasion is treason. And Crusader writes: City of Hazleton See also: Small Town Defenders. This one does not seem to want to open up so do a search on Small Town Defenders and you will find the site. Also, please see Stop the ACLU and also, The Battle for Immigration Control: ACLU vs Hazleton, PA at the Stop the ACLU site. [I thank God the Baron taught me how link posts.] Remember, the ACLU is American citizens who seem intent on trying to bring down the United States of America as least that's how it looks to me. What will you do when "they" come for your town? I have no affiliation with Hazleton, PA and I urge you to contribute as much as you can to their defense fund. The ACLU and the invasion must be stopped. Our elected officials are in violation of their oath of office and we need to protect ourselves. I am not suggesting violence; I am suggesting civil, legal means. Just as you must stop CAIR and the take-over of our schools and our laws by Sharia Law/Islamic Law, we must protect our towns and cities or we will surely become a Third World nation. Escondido in CA tried to protect itself and recently has had to fold to the ACLU. The Cross on Mt. Soledad was saved only because the Federal Government took over the site as a war memorial. Why isn't the governor of PA, with the force of the National Guard protecting the citizens of Hazleton? Night Rider sent this link to a group that "battles" the ACLU, the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ's). Thanks to Night Rider. Already, Ethiopia is doing more to protect its citizens than our government is doing to protect us. Stand up for Hazleton; stand with the Minutemen; or there will be no one to stand with you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beach Girl:

Tbanks for your note, I am working on this but the link to Small Town Defenders is "dead." The Article for the legislation is also not loading.

It's interesting this is hitting the web and suddenly the site may have been taken down.



2:54 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, but you can find the info. If I find more, I'll let you know. If you go to the town's site, you can find some info I think. Thanks.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Night Rider. Leave link at my comments too, please. I’ll get it to the Baron.

Happy New Year, Beach Girl

Hi Beach Girl,

You asked me to put the link over here on your comments section to and here it is.

I can't write a comment on Gates of Vienna Blogsite because I have no blogger account.

But I do have some info that you could deliver in a comment over there at Gates of Vienna Blog site.

They talked about how the ACLU is a problem, try the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ's) site http://www.aclj.org This outfit
fights the ACLU.

6:53 PM  

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